Andrew Turley

Science Editor, Chemical Watch

Martijn Beekman

Policy Officer, DG Grow, European Commission

Mercedes Marquez-Camacho

Team Leader in Restrictions Opinion Making, ECHA

Peter Juhl Nielsen

Scientific Officer, Environmental Protection Agency, Denmark

Julie Schneider

Chemicals Campaigner, CHEM Trust

Louise Tschanz

Environmental Lawyer, Kaizen Avocat (Law Firm)

Richard Bishop

Operations Director, TSG Consulting

Alena Knauz

Substance Policy Advisor, German Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers Association (VDMA eV)

Cristina Lugli

Regulatory Affairs Manager, FCMs and Sustainability, Ecol studio SPA

Felipe Balestero de Assis

Managing Consultant, Market Manager for the REACH Authorisation & Restriction Practice, Ramboll Deutschland GmbH

Ian Keyte

Principal Consultant, WSP