1. Learning Outcomes

    The following is covered across the 4 modules of this eLearning course:

    TSCA Overview and TSCA Inventory

    TSCA Overview

    • Boundaries of TSCA authority
    • Definitions
    • Relationship to other major US chemical control statutes

    TSCA Inventory

    • Basics of chemical identity
    • How commercial intent affects identity
    • Inventory flags

    TSCA New Chemical Review Exemptions and New Chemicals

    TSCA New Chemical Review Exemptions 

    • Self-executing exemptions
    • Polymer exemption
    • Exemptions requiring review by the EPA

    New Chemicals

    • How the new chemicals process works
    • Preparing and submitting new chemicals
    • Working with EPA after its initial determination
    • Filing a notice of commencement (NOC)

    Confidential Business Information (CBI) and Ongoing Obligations

    Confidential Business Information (CBI)

    • What can and cannot be protected
    • Information that is presumptive CBI
    • What is required to substantiate a CBI claim
    • CBI sunsetting

    Ongoing Obligations

    • Import/export
    • Test rules and test orders
    • Record keeping
    • Chemical data reporting
    • Substantial risk notices and adverse reaction record keeping

    Existing Chemicals and Preparing for Audit

    Existing Chemicals

    • Prioritisation
    • Risk evaluation, including fee obligations
    • Risk management

    Preparing for Audit

    • Standard operating procedures
    • Keeping records
    • Engaging with EPA auditors