A regulatory and legal overview of the newly amended K-REACH as well as K-BPR and CCA

Watch the webinar recording below:

This webinar looked at the latest amendments and implementations to South Korean chemical regulations, and explored the following regulations: K-REACH, K-BPR (Biocidal Products Regulation) and CCA (Chemicals Control Act) with the help of three speakers from KTR (Korea Testing and Research Institute) who shared their expertise and experience working with K-REACH, K-BPR and CCA.

Each session showed stakeholders to what extent those three laws will affect their industry, in addition to what they need to do to comply, as strategically as possible. 

Session 1: K-REACH 
   •  The legal framework of K-REACH;
   •  Key points of the amendment; and,
   •  How to comply with K-REACH strategically.

Session 2: Newly-adopted K-BPR 
   •  Background of K-BPR;
   •  The legal framework of K-BPR;
   •  Main provisions; and,
   •  Transitional measures.

Session 3: CCA
   •  The legal framework of CCA;
   •  Main obligations for chemical manufacturers and importers; and,
   •  The recent amendment of CCA.


   •  Ms Ami Fukuroi, Head Researcher
   •  Mr Young Jin Kang, Head Researcher
   •  Ms Young-In Kim, Head Researcher

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