1. Registration

  2. Plenary session: Global regulatory trends

    Emma Chynoweth Emma Chynoweth
    Chief Customer Officer, Chemical Watch, United Kingdom
    Cristina Garcia Cristina Garcia
    Regulatory & Compliance Analyst, Chemical Watch, Portugal
  3. Substance evaluations and appeals before the Board of Appeal

    Claudio Mereu Claudio Mereu
    EU Regulatory Partner, Joint Managing Partner, Fieldfisher LLP, Belgium
  4. The benefits of using bioelution testing in hazard characterisation and classification of complex mixtures

    • Hazard classification of complex inorganic materials – issues and challenges
    • The MeClas tool
    • Bioelution testing – principles and applications (with examples)
    • Regulatory acceptance of the concept – current status/ongoing work
    Kevin Klipsch Kevin Klipsch
    Senior Registration Manager, EBRC Consulting GmbH, Germany
  5. Lunch

  6. Ineris: Toxicology and REACH

    Anne Braun Anne Braun
    Head of Experimental Toxicology Unit, INERIS
  7. Stream 1: Europe (Biocidal Product Regulation)
  8. Strategies for biocidal product authorisations under the BPR: Families, same and consortia

    Eléonore Mullier Eléonore Mullier
    Senior Associate, Steptoe, Belgium
  9. Biocides: The good, the bad, and the ugly

    • Where the biocides legislation currently is
    • The impact it is having on industry
    • Expected upcoming changes and challenges
    Eleanor Grimes Eleanor Grimes
    Regulatory Specialist, UL
  10. Close of Day One

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