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  2. Are you compliant with the new RoHS2 phthalate substance restrictions?

    • Electrical and electronic equipment which contains more than 0.1% of the phthalates DEHP, BBP, DBP or DIBP in any homogenous material will be banned from the European market from 22 July 2019, with an exemption for medical devices and monitoring and control instruments until 22 July 2021.
    • This presentation will demonstrate how you can use the EN IEC 63000 standard (which is effectively the same as the EN 50581 standard) to manage RoHS2 compliance across your supply chains and to generate the RoHS2 Technical Files for your products to provide to your customers and regulators on request
    Aidan Turnbull Aidan Turnbull
    Director, BOMcheck, UK
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  4. REACH: Current issues in authorisation

    Tom Griffiths Tom Griffiths
    Senior Consultant, ERM, United Kingdom
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  6. The EDC criteria and impact on different regulations (REACH, BPR, AGRO and DRUGS)

    • Overview of the general criteria for EDC assessment.
    • Criticism for application under REACH, BPR and AGROCHEMICAL.
    • EDC and drug active substances (a side assessment included in ERA).
    • Conclusion and perspectives.
    Francesca Fasano Francesca Fasano
    Head of Business Unit Agro/Biocides, Chemsafe Srl, Italy
  7. Medical Devices Directive

    Edwige Mathieu Edwige Mathieu
    Senior Associate, Fieldfisher, Belgium
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  9. RoHS2, REACH and POPs enforcement actions across Europe

    • On 7 February the European Parliament and the European Council agreed a new regulation to enhance the enforcement of environmental restrictions such as RoHS, POPs and REACH
    • A lot of non-compliant materials are still used in electronics and electrical equipment
    • Example: product testing by 7 countries across Europe in 2016 found that 24% of USB cables were non-compliant with RoHS substance restrictions
    Aidan Turnbull Aidan Turnbull
    Director, BOMcheck, UK
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