1. Learning Outcomes

    After completing the modules in this eLearning course, you will be able to:

    MODULE 1 - Introduction and context of the BPR

    • Explain why biocidal products are regulated
    • Describe the objectives, scope and basic principles of the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR)
    • Relate the BPR in context of previous biocides legislation and current relevant chemicals legislation

    MODULE 2 - Treated articles

    • Outline the provisions of the BPR as they apply to treated articles
    • Describe the labelling requirements required for certain treated articles
    • Recall the obligation for treated article suppliers to respond to certain information requests from consumers
    • Recognise the scope issues and relationship between a treated article and a biocidal product

    MODULE 3 - Biocides stakeholders

    • Identify the key actors in the regulatory processes for the BPR
    • Describe the role and responsibilities of regulators, industry and other stakeholders
    • Identify what options and opportunities companies have when interacting with regulators

    MODULE 4 - Enforcement

    • Define the roles of the different stakeholders in the compliance with and the enforcement of the BPR
    • Outline the obligations (and the requirements) required of the various stakeholders in enforcement of biocides
    • Summarise the role of the ECHA Forum and its subgroups in the co-ordination of enforcement priorities and activities

    MODULE 5 - Authorisation routes

    • Recall the timeline, main steps and processes for the biocidal active substance review programme
    • Outline the various authorisation routes available for biocidal products
    • Describe the role and responsibilities of the actors involved in these processes

    MODULE 6 - Available guidance

    • Recognise that additional resources/tools are available to assist your understanding and compliance with the requirements and obligations of the Biocidal Products Regulation
    • Identify the type of guidance you need and where you can find it