Who Should Attend?

This workshop is intended for stakeholders involved in chemical development and regulation in the United States. The course material is designed for attendees of all scientific and regulatory backgrounds with varying expertise levels. The workshop will provide an overview of the US new chemical notification process under TSCA, an introduction to the universal concepts of chemical risk assessment, and demonstrate free and publicly available tools for identifying chemicals of concern.  Attendees will gain hands-on experience with the same models and methods that the US EPA Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics (OPPT) employs to perform chemical risk screening and prioritization for new and existing industrial chemicals.

Workshop Preparation

Attendees should install the freeware tools on their computers prior to the workshop. Additional instructions will be provided after registration.

Course Leaders

Ms. Kelly E. Mayo-Bean, Senior Regulatory Scientist, knoell USA

Prior to joining knoell USA, Kelly spent 15 years at the U.S Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics serving as a technical expert on predictive models to assess concerns for industrial chemicals. Kelly helped develop the Sustainable Futures training program to educate stakeholders on the U.S. new chemical review process and use of EPA predictive methods and participated in numerous international activities including development of the OECD QSAR Toolbox. In 2015 Kelly became Associate Branch Chief in the Risk Assessment Division, focusing on scientific assessments for new chemicals and acting as Division liaison to the Chemical Control Division responsible for issuing regulatory actions on new and existing chemicals.

Mr. Jeff Hafer, Senior Regulatory Scientist, knoell USA

During a 36-year career in industry, Jeff held a variety of positions at Rohm and Haas and Dow Chemical including global regulatory specialist and global product stewardship manager for the Coatings business. In 2013, he became corporate TSCA manager for Dow Chemical. After retiring from Dow in 2016, Jeff joined knoell USA as a Senior Regulatory Scientist. During his career, Jeff served as chair of the American Chemistry Council’s Regulatory Advocacy and Information Network, the American Coatings Association’s Product Stewardship Committee, and the Emulsion Polymers Council.