Keep up to date with e-waste regulations

Watch the webinar recording below:

This webinar was designed to help companies identify if their product sales in the US and Canada need to comply with e-waste regulations.

25 US states and 12 Canadian provinces and territories already have e-waste regulations in place – the requirements are different in each state and are evolving rapidly. 

For example, in May 2018 California proposed to amend their regulations to mirror the EU regulations, in August 2018 Ontario and Yukon amended their regulations to include new producer responsibility obligations, and also in 2018 Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia expanded the scope of products which are covered by their regulations. 

This webinar provided up to date information on the latest developments and clearly explain what types of products are in scope today in each of these 25 US states and 12 Canadian provinces and territories. 

Speaker:  Howard Stimpson, Environmental Compliance 4 Products