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  3. Bombarded by chemicals compliance requirements? Stop and come up for air (optional session)

    Join the Chemical Watch new service demonstration 

    Breakfast session with pastries hosted in The Chemical Watch demo area, The Stoclet Room. 

    Tassia Agatowski Tassia Agatowski
    Marketing Manager, Chemical Watch
  4. Session 3: Developments from Asia


    Nhat Nguyen Nhat Nguyen
    Chief Analyst, Chemical Watch, United States
  6. China: Regulatory updates

    • Update on the management of new chemicals in China;
    • Update on the management of existing chemicals in China;
    • The new revisions to MEP Order 7
    • Going forward and potential practical points to be discussed within the industry.
    Heng Li Heng Li
    Senior Associate, Mayer Brown JSM Beijing Representative Office, China
  7. Updates to Japanese chemical regulatory requirements

    David Esdaile David Esdaile
    Director of Science and Regulatory Affairs, Citoxlab Hungary, a Charles River Company
  8. South Korea

    • Pre-notification done. What’s next?
    • Polymers under K-REACH
    • What to expect further in Korea
    Oliver Weiss Oliver Weiss
    Researcher, KIST Europe, Germany
  9. Q&A

  10. Refreshments

  11. Australia

    Nhat Nguyen Nhat Nguyen
    Chief Analyst, Chemical Watch, United States
  12. ASEAN developments including Thailand and the Philippines

    • Update on Thai registration procedure under DIW
    • Summary of registration process for Industrial Chemicals in the Philippines
    Gunnar Kahl Gunnar Kahl
    Managing Director, Dr. Knoell Consult Thai Co. Ltd., Thailand
  13. Taiwan

    • Taiwan Toxic and Concerned Chemical Substances Control Act (amended in 16th January 2019)
    • Taiwan Registration system (amended in 4th June 2019)
    Yi-Kuen Liu Yi-Kuen Liu
    Director of Comprehensive Planning Division, Toxic and Chemical Substances (TCSB), EPA, Taiwan
  14. Q&A

  15. Lunch

  16. Session 4: Other Global Developments


    Andrew Turley, Science Editor, Chemical Watch, UK

  18. South America

    Daniel Rios Daniel Rios
    Product Stewardship Manager - Americas, Givaudan, Argentina
  19. Eurasia REACH

    • Overview of Eurasia and Russia REACH-like regulation
    • “Only Representative” concept
    • Importance of Inventory Notification and practicalities
    • Registration process: existing vs. new chemicals and mixtures
    • Open questions and hurdles for foreign companies
    Olesia Pochapska Olesia Pochapska
    Senior Consulting Manager, REACHLaw, Finland
  20. Africa: demography, development and chemical management

    • The African regional population growth is the highest foreseen for the next decades to come
    • Although chemical production in Africa only represents 1 % of global sales, chemicals and products use would be rising with population growth demand
    • Some countries are progressing their chemicals management system with the support of the SAICM (Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management) process and their example will be detailed
    Veronique Garny Veronique Garny
    Director of Product Stewardship, CEFIC, Belgium
  21. Q&A

  22. Refreshments

  23. Turkey REACH

    • Turkish chemicals roadmap; a glimpse of the upcoming obligations & deadlines
    • Global Supply Chain perspective while creating your Inventory and compliance strategy for Turkey
    • Time for KKDIK Pre-registrations now
    • KKDIK Pre-registrations completed. What’s next ?
    • Transfer of REACH experience and the use of REACH data for registrations in Turkey
    • Foreseeable Challenges and undesirable cost effects on the way to compliance
    • Common misinterpretations of KKDIK
    • Risks of misguidance 
    Yaprak Yüzak Küçükvar Yaprak Yüzak Küçükvar
    Manager, RGS Turkey, Turkey
  24. India

    Rajesh Ramamurthy Rajesh Ramamurthy
    Vice President/Head, Product Stewardship Asia, Archroma India (Pvt) Ltd
  25. Q&A

  26. Conclusion / conference summary

    Andrew Turley, Science Editor, Chemical Watch, UK

  27. Close of conference

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