David Dillon David Dillon
    Senior Managing Scientist, Exponent International Ltd, UK
  2. Developments FORUM subgroup including update on first project REF-6/BREF-1

    Eugen Anwander Eugen Anwander
    Senior Scientific Officer, Institute for Environment and Food Safety, Vorarlberg State Service, Austria & Chair of ECHA BPR Enforcement FORUM, Finland
  3. Enforcement of treated articles in Sweden

    • The legislation in Sweden regarding treated articles
    • Enforcement organisation in Sweden
    • Sanctions
    • Results and conclusion from enforcement projects in Sweden
    Jenny Karlsson Jenny Karlsson
    Technical Officer, Swedish Chemicals Agency, Sweden
  4. In situ nitrogen: A case study on enforcement and Art. 55 (3) BPR derogations

    Henning Krueger Henning Krueger
    Managing Director, Pure Sodium Hypochlorite Biocidal Products Group EWIV, Germany
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