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  2. Coffee and registration

  3. Welcome

    Geraint Roberts, Editorial Director, Chemical Watch, UK

  4. Session 1: Overview of current and future regulatory trends


    Geraint Roberts Geraint Roberts
    Freelance journalist and researcher
  6. The harmonisation of EU rules on FCMs

    Anna Gergely Anna Gergely
    Director, EHS Regulatory, Steptoe & Johnson, Belgium
  7. Regulatory updates from the EU, including Commission recommendation (EU) 2019/794; a reflection on the process of screening and submitting key substances

    • An overview of the key principles of FCM legislation
    • An update regarding the latest amendments to Regulation (EU) No 10/2011 on plastic food contact materials, Regulation (EC) No 282/2008 on recycled plastics, and on how the Commission is approaching the substance ‘Glymo’
    • A short discussion on Commissions Recommendation (EU) No 2019/794 reflecting in particular on the rationale of this Recommendation
    • A reflection on key timelines, including the evaluation of FCM legislation and the authorisation of plastic recycling processes.
    Bastiaan Schupp Bastiaan Schupp
    Team Leader – Food Contact Materials, European Commission - DG SANTE, Belgium
  8. Upcoming Food Contact Materials legislation in Europe

    • Revision of the Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004 provides a harmonised legal EU framework. It sets out the general principles of safety and inertness for all Food Contact Materials (FCMs).
    • Changes at European level on  e.g. plastics and recycled plastics
    • Changes  at National level adopted by Member States
    Sarah Saminadin Peter Sarah Saminadin Peter
    Manager Strategic Development, Food Contact EMEA, Intertek
  9. Q&A

  10. Refreshments


    Chair: Sarah Saminadin Peter, Director, Food Contact EMEA, Intertek, Belgium

  12. Introduction of EU GMP requirements for food contact materials

    • An overview of the legal framework and Scope of GMP requirements
    • The implementation of these procedures into QA and QS Systems together with the necessary documentations will be discussed.
    • Short comments on the market surveillance and on the role of Retailers are given.

    Presented by Sarah Saminadin Peter, Intertek

    Presentation prepared by:

    Karlheinz Blay Karlheinz Blay
    International Sales Manager - Consumer Retail Solutions, SGS Institut Fresenius GmbH
  13. The role of retailers in achieving food contact compliance and additional requirements

    • Early focus on bisphenols and PFAS
    • Working for compliance for more than 4000 products in Private label.
    • Coop behind the scenes – how do we achieve knowledge, work with suppliers and substitution
    • Examples on how Coop communicate and involve consumers
    Bettina Ørsnes Larsen Bettina Ørsnes Larsen
    Head of Food Safety, Coop Danmark A/S
  14. Q&A

  15. Lunch

  16. Session 2: Plastics, paper and cardboard
  17. Food contact guidelines for paper and board materials

    Eugenio Cavallini Eugenio Cavallini
    Technical Manager, CEPI aisbl – Confederation of European Paper Industries, Belgium
  18. How plastics and FCM have been affected by sustainability initiatives across the world

    • Overview of the drivers for change covering increased public awareness of the impacts of marine and environmental plastic waste, increasing NGO pressure and changing regulatory landscape
    • Food and Beverage industry’s response to these drivers, looking at pledges, innovations and supply chain partnerships
    • Wider sustainability considerations when making packaging changes
    • What the future might look like
    Beth Simpson Beth Simpson
    Principal Consultant, Anthesis
  19. FCM in Denmark, and its move to ban all PFAS in paper and board food packaging

    • Enforcement of European and national rules on FCM in Denmark
    • Focus on fluorinated organic substances in paper and board FCM
    Charlotte Legind Charlotte Legind
    Environmental Chemist, Danish Veterinary and Food Administration
  20. Q&A

  21. Refreshments

  22. Session 3: Inks, packaging, rubber and adhesives
  23. Triple Safety Concept: An approach for the evaluation of adhesives in food contact application

    • Data assessment of supplier information by product safety
    • Analytical assessment of raw materials and final products
    • Toxicological assessment of potential harms to health
    • Communication of risk assessment through the supply chain
    Monika Tönnießen Monika Tönnießen
    Manager Product Safety and Regulatory Affairs – Global Food Safety, Henkel AG & Co. KGaA
  24. The printing ink industry's contribution to the compliance of printed food contact materials

    Matthias Henker Matthias Henker
    Director of Technology FP EMEA / Chair of EuPIA PIFOOD, Flint Group Packaging Inks Germany GmbH / EuPIA
  25. National regulatory developments of food contact materials in the rubber industry: Mutual recognition and test methods

    Céline Crusson-Rubio Céline Crusson-Rubio
    EHS Director, ETRMA, France
  26. Q&A

  27. Panel discussion and Q&A: To what extent are rules for chemicals in FCMs working?

    Panellists include:

    Pelle Moos Pelle Moos
    Senior Safety and Health Policy Officer, Team Leader, BEUC (The European Consumer Organisation), Belgium
    Michael Warhurst Michael Warhurst
    Executive Director, CHEM Trust, United Kingdom
  28. Drinks reception / end of day one

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