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    Moderator: Aidan Turnbull, director, BOMcheck, UK

  3. Session 4: Chemicals in use: knowing what chemicals are in your products and how to manage any risks
  4. Introduction

    Aidan Turnbull Aidan Turnbull
    Director, BOMcheck, UK
  5. International Materials Data Systems (IMDS) and the substances of concern in products (Scip) database – from theory to reality: an automotive industry case study, part 1

    Ralph Schimitzek Ralph Schimitzek
    DFE-Coordinator – Products specific environmental protection, Robert Bosch GmbH / Automotive Electronics
  6. International Materials Data Systems (IMDS) and Scip database – From theory to reality: An automotive industry case study, part 2

    Timo Unger Timo Unger
    Manager Environmental Affairs, Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Centre, Germany
  7. Traceability of chemicals in products: From the ‘need to know’ of companies to the ‘right to know’ of consumers

    • The citizen’s ‘right to know’ under EU law
    • Authorities’ obligation to know
    • Companies’ ‘need to know’
    Elise Vitali Elise Vitali
    Policy officer on chemicals, European Environmental Bureau, Belgium
  8. The Scip data bringing transparency on hazardous substances through the supply chain

    • From prototype to version 1
    • Submitting data to Scip
    • A look at data dissemination 
    • Getting prepared
    Bo Balduyck Bo Balduyck
    Project Manager, Echa, Finland
  9. Q&A with panel discussion: Knowing what chemicals are in your products and managing the risks

    • The impact of Scip – Echa’s  database for substances of very high concern (SVHCs) in articles
    • Is Echa overstepping its legal mandate in implementing the Scip  database?
    • How risk assessment is likely to evolve
    • Potential impact on businesses
  10. Networking and break

  11. ReachLaw sponsor workshop: Key drivers for the EU’s industrial transformation

    • Key drivers for the EU’s industrial transformation – overview
    • Circular business strategies
    • Conclusions
    Ingrid Sekki Ingrid Sekki
    CMO & Business Development, REACHLaw Ltd
  12. Session 5: Waste and recycling
  13. The waste and chemicals interface, the solution for a more toxic free and circular society

    • How to transform waste into resources to boost circular value chains into a value;
    • Scip database should increase substitution, but will it support recycling?
    • Why improving the interface between chemicals, waste & product legislation is critical to the success of the Circular Economy;
    • How a waste classification based on risk assessment, not only hazards, is an enabler of circular value chains
    Christer Forsgren Christer Forsgren
    Responsible for Research and Development at Stena Recycling Chair EuRIC Waste & Chemicals Task Force, Stena Recycling / EuRIC
  14. What information do waste operators need to deal with substances of concern?

    • Current information gaps
    • Future opportunities from better information flows
    • Examples of the effects on waste operators of good and bad information 
    • How to keep secondary materials cycles clean and the benefits that will bring
    Mike Hale Mike Hale
    Consultant, European Union for the Responsible Incineration and Treatment of Special Waste (Eurits), UK
  15. EU Commission study exploring approaches to communicating on chemicals of concern with the waste sector – chemicals/products/waste interface

    Dirk Jepsen Dirk Jepsen
    Executive Director, Ökopol Institut, Germany
  16. From waste to non-waste status - how to deal with the chemical product-waste interface

    Frederik Johanson Frederik Johanson
    Partner, Sales, REACHLaw, Finland
  17. Designing for circularity, in the context of a green recovery

    Myriam Tryjefaczka Myriam Tryjefaczka
    Director Sustainability and Public Affairs EMEA, Tarkett, France
  18. Q&A and final panel discussion

  19. Closing remarks

    Kate Lowe Kate Lowe
    Head of Editorial, Chemical Watch News & Insight
  20. Close of conference

  21. Drive your business with indispensable compliance intelligence - Chemical Watch membership and platform demo

    Join us for a short presentation and demo, followed by a Q&A.

    Tassia Agatowski Tassia Agatowski
    Marketing Manager, Chemical Watch

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