Webinar recording: Overview of Taiwan Chemicals Management & Upcoming Challenges

A strategy and roadmap to comply with changing regulations

The main chemicals management legislation in Taiwan is the Toxic Chemical Substance Control Act (TCSCA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA). Recently, the proposed amendments to the TCSCA and the registration regulations under it have raised awareness and drawn attention domestically and globally. 

Food Safety issues have led legislation action in Taiwan in recent years, and since last year, Taiwan's EPA has listed 13 substances and 14 substances involved in food safety scandals as "toxic chemicals" to be regulated under the TCSCA. According to the proposed amendment of TCSCA, a new category will be established to focus on food safety, drug precursors, physical explosive precursors and EDCs. Some commodity chemicals might be listed in this new category and affect the companies using the substances legitimately in the future. 

In terms of ongoing chemical registration, Prior Existing Chemical Substance standard registration will kick off in 2019. Industry will face the challenge of preparing for the registration under non-mandatory joint registration and without OR. Unclear guidance and possible match platform are currently the biggest issues for industry. Furthermore, it will be a challenge for high tonnage (100ton/yr) registrants to complete registrations within two years.

The webinar focused on the following areas:

  • Overview of Taiwan chemical management
  • The potential impact of amendments to the Regulation
  • Progress of PECs registration

Speaker: Ken Liu, Principle Consultant, ERM