The 11th Symposium on the authorisation of biocidal products within the BPR

The Biocides Symposium is an annual event, bringing together stakeholders in the biocides industry from across Europe and further afield.

It's now more than five years since the BPR came into force, however, the European legal framework for biocides is still proving challenging and dynamic, with new issues flaring up as others are resolved.

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Why you should attend this year's Biocides Symposium

  • A highly popular event (now in its 11th year) for anyone affected by biocides legislation, with a focus on the authorisation of biocidal products within the BPR.
  • An unrivalled opportunity to ask questions, discuss topics, raise issues, seek resolutions and share different (or similar) experiences with your peers and our expert speakers.
  • Presentations by experts from notable organisations from around the world.

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Who should attend Biocides Symposium 2020

  • Biocidal substance manufacturers and users;
  • Biocidal product producers,
  • Formulators;
  • Retailers;
  • Regulatory managers;
  • Compliance officers;
  • Lawyers with an interest in the BPR; and,
  • National competent authorities.

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