Chair: David Dillon, Senior Managing Scientist, Exponent International, UK

  1. Registration

  2. Session 1: Overviews
  3. EU Commission overview

    Marta Cainzos Garcia Marta Cainzos Garcia
    European Commission
  4. Echa overview


  5. Member State overview

    Nina Falk Gregersen Nina Falk Gregersen
    Ecotoxicologist, Environmental Protection Agency, Denmark
  6. Industry overview

    Hanne Jensen Hanne Jensen
    R&D Manager Biology, Decorative Paints, Jotun A/S, Norway
  7. Q&A

  8. Refreshments

  9. Session 2: Sustainable use, innovation and benefits of biocides under the BPR
  10. Sustainable use from Member State perspective

    Maria Luisa González Márquez tbc: Maria Luisa González Márquez
    Ministerio de Sanidad, Spain
  11. BPR and sustainability – issues from an SME perspective

    • Situation at present
      • Impact and efficacy classification during authorisation process
      • Example: chlorine
    • Suggested changes
      • Efficacy up to customer/market
      • Impact: classification related to fee (bonus/malus)
      • Example
    Rik Daneels Rik Daneels
    Managing Partner, Aqua Ecologic, Belgium
  12. Microorganisms under the BPR

    Adi Cornelese tbc: Adi Cornelese
    Senior Regulatory Expert, APIS Applied Insect Science GmbH, Germany
  13. Q&A

  14. Lunch

  15. Session 3: Biocides topics overlapping with other legislation
  16. Overlaps between BPR and CMD using the example of formaldehyde

    Jonathan Crozier Jonathan Crozier
    Secretary General, Formacare, Sector Group of Cefic, Belgium
  17. Food contact materials under the EU Commission’s New Green Deal and biocides

    EFSA tbc

  18. REACH, MDR and RoHS overlaps with the BPR

    Cristina Garcia Cristina Garcia
    Regulatory & Compliance Analyst, Chemical Watch, Portugal
  19. Q&A

  20. Refreshments

  21. Session 4: How to optimise the registration process for applicants and authorities
  22. MS experiences pre- and post-submission, and tips and tricks for applicants

    Cindy Van Der Meer Cindy Van Der Meer
    Account Manager Biocides, CTGB, Netherlands
  23. Experiences with active substance approval - an SME perspective

    • Timeline issue: not all AS approved at same moment
    • Uncertainty: some AS not yet approved, whilst for others AS already BP authorised
    • Result: Market distortion
    Rik Daneels Rik Daneels
    Managing Partner, Aqua Ecologic, Belgium
  24. Obstacles during dossier preparation, what could be changed during the pre-submission stage?

    Tineke de Wilde Tineke de Wilde
    Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Elements Advisory, Belgium
  25. Experiences with dossier preparation issues and post-submission stage

    Danielle Van Corven-Kloosterman Danielle Van Corven-Kloosterman
    Director Registration Team Europe, Diversey Europe, Netherlands
  26. Participation in Echa meetings as an applicant defending your product and how this can affect your authorisation

    • Active substance dossiers in Working Group meetings
    • Union authorisations in Working Group meetings
    • Notifications at Coordination Group meetings
    Lonne Gerritsen Lonne Gerritsen
    Expert Efficacy and Regulatory Affairs Biocides, Knoell NL B.V., Netherlands
  27. Q&A

  28. Drinks Reception

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