**Note: timings are in CEST**

  1. Part 1: BPR overviews
  2. Welcome and introduction

    David Dillon David Dillon
    Independent Biocides Expert
  3. EU Commission overview

    Marta Cainzos Garcia Marta Cainzos Garcia
    Policy Officer, European Commission, DG SANTE
  4. ECHA: Current priorities and work of the Environment Working Group

    • ECHAs involvement in COVID-19 actions
    • Progress of the review program
    • The Environment Working Group – introduction and current guidance and IT related developments
    Heike Schimmelpfennig Heike Schimmelpfennig
    Chair of the BPC-Environment Working Group, ECHA
  5. Member State overview

    Danish EPA response to COVID-19 with focus on:

    • National legislation
    • Enforcement
    • Efficacy issues
    Henrik Svenstrup Henrik Svenstrup
    Deputy Head of Division, The Danish Environmental Protection Agency
  6. Industry overview

    • Green steps implemented
    • Why does paint need preservatives?
    • Future availability of biocides for PT6 and PT7 are at risk
    • What can be done?
    Hanne Jensen Hanne Jensen
    R&D Manager Biology, Jotun A/S, Norway
  7. Q&A and panel session

  8. Break

  9. Part 2: The assessment of endocrine disrupting chemicals under the BPR
  10. Introduction

    David Dillon David Dillon
    Independent Biocides Expert
  11. Experience & tips from an Evaluating Competent Authority

    • Active Substances,  already approved and currently under assessment
    • Biocidal products
    Charline Azzopardi Charline Azzopardi
    Human Health Expert, Biocides Unit, Ministry of Health, Belgium
  12. Overview of EFSA endocrine disruptors’ assessment of pesticides’ active substances

    Alfonso Lostia Alfonso Lostia
    Scientific officer, European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)
  13. ED assessment experiences for active substances and biocidal products

    Martijn van Velthoven Martijn van Velthoven
    Director Regulatory Europe, Troy Corporation, Netherlands
  14. What level of protection from EDCs do we need as a society?

    • ED identification across different EU regulations
    • Improvement of ED standard information requirements and regulatory measures
    • Increasing the level of protection in the short term
    Pia Juul Nielsen Pia Juul Nielsen
    Senior Adviser, M.Sc. (pharm) EDC Science Consultant, CHEM Trust, Denmark
  15. Q&A and panel session

  16. Close of day one

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