**Note: timings are in CEST**

  1. Part 3: The product authorisation and active substance renewal processes
  2. Introduction

    David Dillon David Dillon
    Senior Regulatory and Compliance Analyst, Chemical Watch
  3. Product authorisation processes: what is and is not possible

    • Union Authorisation: The ironman amongst product authorisations?
    • National Authorisation: One member state = fast lane?
    • Biocidal Product Families: The option of having blue, green and yellow products?
    • Single Product Authorisation: The hidden champion?
    • COVID-19 impacts: Disinfectants, disinfectants, disinfectants!
    Silvia Wagner Silvia Wagner
    Managing Director, spectra Consult, Germany
  4. The renewal process including finalised criteria for full/limited renewals

    • Explain Ctgb’s interpretation of principles of renewal of active substance approvals 
    • By guiding you through the general framework, including the latest criteria for limited/full renewals
    • In order to collectively develop ‘fit for purpose’ renewals
    Lucas Kalkers Lucas Kalkers
    Policy Officer, Ctgb
  5. Exclusion and substitution in the context of active substances renewals

    • BPR Article 5 exclusion criteria
    • BPR Article 10 substitution criteria
    • Active substances meeting exclusion/substitution criteria - public consultation
    • Approaches to Art 5(2) derogation
    • Consequences of meeting substitution criteria
    Karen Howard Karen Howard
    Head of Biocides (Europe), Exponent International Ltd
  6. Q&A and panel session

  7. Break

  8. Part 4: Sustainable use, innovation and benefits of biocides under the BPR and biocides topics overlapping with other legislation
  9. Introduction

    David Dillon David Dillon
    Senior Regulatory and Compliance Analyst, Chemical Watch
  10. Sustainable use from Member State perspective

    •         User categories
    •         Best practices and Integrated Pest Management
    •         Control of the use of biocides
    •         Compliance monitoring
    •         Additionally: Covid-19 and biocide registration
    Maria Luisa González Márquez Maria Luisa González Márquez
    Technical Advisor, Ministry of Health, Spain
  11. Microorganisms under the BPR

    Adi Cornelese Adi Cornelese
    Senior Regulatory Expert, APIS Applied Insect Science GmbH, Germany
  12. REACH, MDR and RoHS overlaps with the BPR

    Cristina Garcia Cristina Garcia
    Senior Regulatory and Compliance Analyst, Chemical Watch, Portugal
  13. Q&A and panel session

  14. Close of day two