Day two

    Day two is geared towards those who manufacture or import articles, and covers all roles and activities such companies may undertake, including:

    Alex Paul Alex Paul
    Principal: Chemical Regulatory Services, Yordas Group, UK
    Mark Earnshaw Mark Earnshaw
    Managing Regulatory Consultant, Yordas Group, UK
  2. Introduction

    Brief roles and responsibilities in the supply chain including:

    • Sourcing (potentially importing) of raw materials, chemical mixtures, subcomponents
    • Use of chemical mixtures in the manufacture process
    • Research and development
    • Sale and distribution of articles
  3. Refreshment break

  4. Determining your obligations (includes exercises)

    • Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs)
    • Supply chain compliance and communication
    • Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and exposure scenarios
  5. Lunch

  6. Ensuring compliance

    • Reporting/record keeping
    • Policy/management system
    • Due diligence
    • REACH and CLP enforcement
  7. Refreshment break

  8. Business impact management

    • Obsolescence/continuity of supply
    • Sustainable vs regrettable substitution
    • Horizon scanning
    • Product stewardship
  9. Close of day two