Day four

    Day four is one of the extension days that can be added to extend and build upon your learning on this subject.

    Alex Paul Alex Paul
    Principal: Chemical Regulatory Services, Yordas Group, UK
    Neil Hunt Neil Hunt
    Managing Regulatory Scientist, Yordas Group, UK
  2. Risk assessment

    • How risk assessment can be applied to the use of substances
    • How hazard assessment of a substance is done under REACH
    • How the life cycle of a substance is described under REACH using exposure scenarios and contributing scenarios
    • Using Use Descriptors to define your use of a substance
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  4. Risk management

    •  How risk from exposure to a substance can be calculated and a conclusion reached whether risk is acceptable or not. Which risk management measures are available to a registrant or downstream user to reduce risk?
    • Discussion of the formats of Extended Safety Data Sheets and exposure scenarios that a recipient may receive.
    • Obligations under REACH of producers of Extended Safety Data Sheets
  5. Lunch

  6. (Extended) Safety Data Sheets

    • The obligations of recipients of an Extended Safety Data Sheet. Are all your uses covered and what to do if they are not?
    • Assessing whether your use is covered by a supplied eSDS
    • If uses are covered how can compliance with exposure scenarios be proven?
    • Use of measurement, scaling and exposure modelling tools to prove compliance
    • Using scaling to prove compliance
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  8. Exposure scenarios for substances applied to mixtures

    • This section will look at the output of the ENES project, covering both the “top-down” and “bottom-up” approaches proposed. 
    • Introduction to the concepts of SUMIs, SWEDs, and Lead Component.
    • Identifying Lead Components in a mixture and the information that should be included in a mixture exposure scenario
    • Conclusions and final remarks
  9. Close of day four