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  1. Welcome and introduction

    Kimberley de Miguel Kimberley de Miguel
    Managing Analyst EMEA, Enhesa Product
  2. Session 1: The changing regulatory landscape for EEE in Europe
  3. Chemicals management for electronics in the context of the EU REACH postponement and anticipating the impact of other trends

    • REACH policy activities are on hold but some trends, especially on risk management, are clear and will be picked up after the elections
    • What are those main expected changes on Risk Management with impact on the Electronic sector
    • Downstream users will be more involved in the future REACH 2.0 Risk Management processes: what to expect?
    • Can we expect more alignation or even integration of user restriction legislation like RoHS, WEEE, ELH and Batteries) under REACH 2.0?
    • Would there be more attention for other environmental aspects like climate, circularity and others in REACH in the future? And how to anticipate this for uses in electronics
    • The Critical Raw Materials act and Strategic Autonomy are game changers for the Electronic sector but how could they interact with REACH?
    Hugo Waeterschoot Hugo Waeterschoot
    Chemicals Management Advisor, Eurometaux, Belgium
  4. EU RoHS updates

    • Latest amendments in the RoHS Directive and outstanding decisions on exemptions
    • Outlook on adaptations of the regulatory framework
    • Key elements of a comprehensive methodological proposal for the identification and assessment of hazardous substances  in EEE
    Katja Moch Katja Moch
    Senior Researcher, Oeko-Institut
  5. Downstream user experience - staying ahead of chemical policy evolution

    • We are Canon
    • Trends and Outlook
    • Staying ahead of Regulatory Changes:
      • Vision & Strategy
      • Investing in People
      • Eight Steps to Strengthened Regulatory Intelligence
      • Collaborative Business and Functions
      • Investing in a Better toolkit
      • Other considerations
    Wamda Saeid Elsirogi Wamda Saeid Elsirogi
    Senior EMEA Sustainability Regulatory Affairs Manager, Canon Europe
  6. Q&A

  7. Short break

  8. Session 2: Creating a circular electronics economy
  9. Assessing the impact of the EU batteries regulation

    Giorgio Corbetta Giorgio Corbetta
    EU Affairs Director, EUROBAT
  10. Strengths and weaknesses of EPR in WEEE legislation

    Pascal Leroy Pascal Leroy
    Director General, WEEE Forum
  11. Interaction between EU product sustainability rules and general chemicals legislation

    • Can the myriad of new sustainability regulations be followed consistently with general chemicals rules?
    • What are the effects of general chemicals legislation on EU product sustainability rules?
    Ruxandra Cana Ruxandra Cana
    Partner, Steptoe LLP
  12. Q&A

  13. Lunch break

  14. Enhesa Product service presentation and platform demo

  15. Session 3: Regulatory developments in the Americas
  16. Welcome back


    Kelly Scanlon Kelly Scanlon
    Lead Sustainability Strategist, IPC International
  17. Challenges faced by the makers and importers of products affected by certain TSCA Section 6 PBT restrictions and risk management rules

    • Larry will discuss the impacts on businesses imposed by recent TSCA Section 6 rules restricting specific chemicals in products and in use in the US and imported to the US.  
    • Consideration will focus especially on the makers of complex electronic products including the imported as components for assembly in the US or as fully-manufactured articles.
    Lawrence E. Culleen Lawrence E. Culleen
    Partner, Arnold & Porter
  18. Safer Products for Washington, organohalogen flame retardants (OFR) restrictions and reporting

    • What is Safer Products for Washington’s new rule regarding electric and electronic products? Learn about the two main product categories and the compliance dates for the various aspects of this rule.
    • What does the rule mean by intentionally added priority chemical? Learn how this is applied to compliance for Washington state.
    • Learn about the restriction and reporting requirements and what is included in a notification to Washington Department of Ecology.
    Camille Bennett Camille Bennett
    Safer Products for WA Compliance Lead, WA State Department of Ecology
  19. Update on the Towards Zero Exposure program and CEPN's priority chemicals list

    • Learn about the Toward Zero Exposure program – a commitment programme to protect workers from chemical hazards in the electronics supply chain
    • Hear about recent updates to Toward Zero Exposure - streamlining, simplifying and strengthening the programme
    • Find out more about CEPN’s Priority Chemical list - process chemicals to be prioritized for elimination or substitution in electronics manufacturing
    Pamela Brody-Heine Pamela Brody-Heine
    Director - Clean Electronics Production Network, Green America Center for Sustainability Solutions
  20. Q&A

  21. Short break

  22. Developments to chemical regulations in Canada and implications for the electronics & electrical industry

    Gurvinder Chopra Gurvinder Chopra
    VP - Standards & Regulations, Electro-Federation Canada
  23. Latin American key developments in chemicals management for electronics

    • Does Latin America implement RoHS-like regulations in the region?
    • How are Hazardous substances restrictions being addressed?
    • Are EPR and PFAS regulations something to consider?
    Nidia Mariana Calvo Mendez Nidia Mariana Calvo Mendez
    Americas Managing Analyst, Enhesa Product
  24. Q&A

  25. Fireside chat: Bringing toxicology into the electronics product development process

    A one-on-one discussion, with Wamda sharing insights into her role at Canon and how her background in toxicology informs her work in regulatory affairs.

    Michael Kirschner Michael Kirschner
    President, Design Chain Associates, LLC, United States
    Wamda Saeid Elsirogi Wamda Saeid Elsirogi
    Senior EMEA Sustainability Regulatory Affairs Manager, Canon Europe
  26. Close of day one

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