Improving the workability and usefulness of exposure scenarios as part of safety data sheet systems

To improve the workability and usefulness of exposure scenarios, Echa is working with stakeholders to develop a number of explicit minimum requirements for REACH exposure scenarios as part of safety data sheets systems. 

Throughout the webinar, the agency explored, together with stakeholders, what minimum requirements should cover, such as content, structure, layout, and what level of detail is needed within these elements. watch the recording below:

Further background:

The absence of explicit requirements for the communication of exposure scenario information has had a number of impacts on the way REACH has been implemented so far:

  • Most SDS authoring systems have not yet fully integrated the exposure scenario element, leading to errors being introduced, duplication of information and inconsistencies
  • Formulators are confronted with a high diversity in terms of content and format when trying to include the exposure scenario for their raw materials into mixture SDSs
  • Downstream users struggle to establish compliance regarding their duties under Article 37 (4) and (5) of the Regulation
  • Inspectors have difficulties to enforce the presence of compliant exposure scenarios.


  • Fesil Mushtaq, Exposure and Supply Chain Unit, Echa
  • Evelyn Tjoe Nij, Industrial Hygiene Manager, Dow
  • Nursulu Davrenova, Senior Manager, Regulatory Compliance, Verisk 3E


  • Andrew Turley, Science Editor, Chemical Watch