Preparing for submissions to the Echa Scip database

Starting 5 January 2021 industry is required to report information into the new Echa Substances of Concern in Products (Scip) database for any products which include articles that contain REACH Candidate List substances above 0.1%.  This webinar provided an update on the reporting requirements for the Echa Scip database and explain how your company can input into the development of the new IPC-1752B supply chain standard. 

View the recording below:

Echa published the detailed information requirements in September 2019 and is planning to release the prototype for the Scip database early in 2020, with release of version 1.0 of the database at end of October 2020.  EU Member States are required to transpose the database reporting requirements into national laws by 5 July 2020, with possible subsequent enforcement by Member State regulatory authorities from 5 January 2021 for companies who do not comply with the reporting requirements.   

To help industry respond to these challenging timelines, IPC is developing the new IPC-1752B supply chain data exchange standard.  This new industry standard will help companies to collect the necessary information from their supply chains so that they can start reporting into the Echa Scip database from January 2021 for any products which include articles that contain REACH Candidate List substances above 0.1%.  

Following the Echa stakeholder workshop in Helsinki on 12 November, IPC plans to issue the Final Draft IPC-1752B for Industry Review on 27 November so that industry comments can be addressed at the US IPC committee meeting on 3 February in San Diego.  The Proposed IPC-1752B Standard for Ballot will be issued in March 2020 so that the final IPC-1752B standard can be published in June 2020.  This would allow 6 months for companies to use the new IPC-1752B standard to collect the first round of data from their supply chains so that they can make their first submissions to the database from January 2021. 

IPC would like to get as much industry consultation as possible on the new IPC-1752B standard.  Participation in the standards development process is open to all organisations and is free-of-charge.  Your company does not need to be a member of IPC for you to attend the standards development meetings and engage in the standards development process.


  • Aidan Turnbull,
  •  Patrick Crawford, IPC