Data requirement of Taiwan new and existing chemical substances

The amendment of Taiwan’s Regulation of New and Existing Chemical Substance Registration was published by the Environment Protection Administration (EPA). In addition to the registration of new chemical substances, the amendment designed the first batch of 106 priority existing chemical substances (PECs) that are subject to the registration deadline varies based on the annual tonnage bands and the date of obtaining the Phase I registration number.

The data requirements are also band-related and similar to the REACH registration in the EU of the same tonnage bands, The endpoints could be covered either with GLP studies, the weight of evidence and qualified QSAR. Companies and importers that have registration obligations are highly interested in to obtain the letter of access (LoA) and apply the existing REACH registration data in the registrations in Taiwan. However, how do you identify which kind of data disseminated on the homepage of the European Chemical Agency (Echa) is qualified for the registration in Taiwan?  How can you get in touch with the data owners? How to inquire about LoA and ensure the data can be used legally?

Join us for this webinar and get answers to the above questions as well as useful information on the understanding of Echa’s dissemination and ensure to get and use the data legally. In addition, we will share with you lessons learned from understanding the registration data and provide useful hints on approaching the data sources and data owners.


  • Data requirement of Taiwan new and existing chemical substances
  • Understanding the REACH data disseminated by Echa
  • Identify the availability and reliability of data may be useful for registrations in Taiwan
  • Contact data owners and obtain LoAs


Dr Xiaohua HE, Managing Director, Knoell

Who should attend?

Manufacturers and importers placing chemical substances on the Taiwan market