Timings are in GMT (London)

  1. Introduction to writing quality GHS Safety Data Sheets

    • The role of the SDS and an overview of the required content
    • The interconnectivity of the 16 sections and how we can utilise this to improve the quality of our SDS
    • data sources and assessment of reliability (i.e. how to assess data and when to refer to your supplier for further information)
    • How your customer will make use of the information you provide in the SDS
    • Problems and pitfalls of writing a compliant and useful SDS
    • How to make an SDS a useful document that goes beyond minimum regulatory requirements

    Throughout the session examples will be used to illustrate key points.

    There will be a one hour lunch break

    Laura Robinson Laura Robinson
    Occupational Toxicologist, Toxicology Consulting Ltd, UK
    Mark Selby Mark Selby
    Director, Denehurst Chemical Safety Ltd, UK
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