An overview of the regulations for chemical management in China

Understanding the regulatory framework in China is the first step towards entering this ever-growing marketplace. Ensuring compliance is about protecting human health, and the environment and ensuring the success of your business.

Full Implementation of MEE Order No.12 (aka China REACH) has aimed to monitor and prevent environmental violations associated with the production/importation of new chemical substances and registration of these substances aids this. The registration requirements apply to new substances, substances in a preparation, or substances contained in articles which are intended to be released. The requirements also apply to new substances used as ingredients or intermediates for pharmaceuticals, pesticides, veterinary drugs, cosmetics, food additives, feed, and feed supplements. Identifying how your substances are categorised under MEE Order 12 can greatly assist you in planning a compliance strategy.

In addition to this, the management of substances regarded as highly hazardous has been expanded under MEE Order 12 by introducing new classifications and requirements not only for production but also for import and export activities. Identifying which high-hazard category your substances may belong to is also vital as this will assist with understanding the requirements under this new concept and ensure that you can work towards compliance.

For hazardous chemical management in China, a new QR code system is being introduced nationwide. There are certain principles to follow to determine hazardous chemicals. There are specific permission systems and regulatory requirements to comply with based on your different business activities in China.

Finally, the GHS regulations have been a longstanding aspect of China’s chemical management framework. It is important to provide a Chinese standard SDS and label to ensure effective communication of the potential hazards of handling the material through the supply chain.

Overall this training course will provide invaluable insight into the chemical management framework in China and clarify the main issues surrounding market entry in China 

By attending this training course, you will learn:

  • details of the current implementation of MEE Order 12;
  • how to differentiate between new and existing substances in China;
  • the requirements for registration under MEE Order 12;
  • how to identify the various high-hazard substance categories in China;
  • the requirements for registration of hazardous substances; and
  • the requirements for local Chinese SDS and label standards.

What can you expect from the course?

  • copies of all presentation material;
  • access to the recording of each session; and
  • Q&A with our regulatory experts.

 Who should attend this course? 

  • technical/scientific staff who work in a regulatory department;
  • authors of safety data sheets (SDSs);
  • health and safety staff;
  • dangerous goods safety advisors; and
  • anyone wishing to develop an understanding of chemical regulations in China.

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