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  1. Session 1

    • Introduction to REACH: Basics and background / different roles and obligations / situation in member states and the EEA / the consequences of Brexit
    • Registration: Starting a registration / joining an existing registration / agents in the REACH environment / registration dossier / chemicals safety analysis and report (CSA & CSR) / basics and principles of data- and cost-sharing / aspects of competition law / cost-considerations / evaluation and consequences for your daily business
    Marko Sušnik Marko Sušnik
    Advisor to the Secretary General on Chemicals Policy, SMEunited, and Senior Advisor Chemical Policy, Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKÖ), SMEunited / WKÖ
    Christian Gründling Christian Gründling
    Deputy Director, FCIO, Austria
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  3. Session 2

    • EXERCISE: Organise yourself and your portfolio:
    • Restriction and authorisation: substances of very high concern / the restriction process / the authorisation process
  4. Lunch Break

  5. Session 3

    • Introduction to CLP: International context – the Globally Harmonised System (GHS) / basics and background / different actors and their obligations
    • Classification and labelling: Harmonised classification / self-classification / classifying and labelling chemicals in theory and practice
    • EXERCISE: Classification assignment:
    • The classification and labelling inventory (CLI): Basics and background / practical considerations
  6. Refreshment Break

  7. Session 4

    • Poison centres notification (PCN): Basics and background / different actors and their obligations / the unique formula identifier (UFI) / relevant deadlines / practical considerations
    • Downstream user and safety data sheets: Role of the downstream user / communication in the supply chain / structure and content of the SDS / extended SDSs (eSDSs) / practical examples
  8. Finish

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