1. Registration and coffee

  2. Welcome and introduction


    Kate Lowe Kate Lowe
    Head of Editorial, Chemical Watch News & Insight
  3. Session one: UK REACH Regulations
  4. Chemical policy and strategy

    • update on the Chemicals Strategy; and
    • policy development on priority issues of PFAS and Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs)
    Edward Latter Edward Latter
    Chemicals Policy Team Leader, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), UK

    • UK REACH Alternative Transitional Registration model; and
    • UK REACH Work programme.
    James Dancy James Dancy
    Head of UK REACH service and policy, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), UK
  6. Q&A session

  7. Cross sector Presentation & Panel session – Managing the UK chemicals strategy and the Alternative Transitional Registration model (ATRm)
  8. A topical quick fire forum on positive highlights and potential concerns about this brand new, highly-anticipated strategy

    Silvia Segna Silvia Segna
    Senior Chemicals Policy Executive, Chemical Industries Association (CIA), UK
    Ciara Dempsey Ciara Dempsey
    Regulatory Affairs Manager, British Coatings Federation Limited
    Richard Bishop Richard Bishop
    Operations Director & Principal Consultant, TSG Consulting
    Chloe Alexander Chloe Alexander
    Senior campaigner, CHEM Trust
  9. Panel discussion

  10. Interactive audience Q&A session

  11. Refreshment break

  12. Session two: International and scientific perspectives
  13. The Swiss system for regulating chemicals

    • Swiss Framework conditions;
    • the Swiss principles of harmonization with the EU; and
    • state of the harmonization with the EU
    Dr Dag Kappes Dr Dag Kappes
    Senior Scientific Adviser, Swiss Federal Office of Public Health
  14. Scientific and International developments in chemicals policy – what could be the UK's future role?

    • update on the Global Framework for Chemicals agreed in Bonn, Sept 2023;
    • prioritizing the national and global chemicals issues of concern – a UK perspective?;
    • update on the establishment of a new UNEP science-policy panel (SPP) for chemicals, waste and pollution prevention;
    • capacity building for developing nations – future chemicals assessments based on New Approach Method (NAM) data; and
    • how best to manage conflicts of interest for the participation of scientists in the new Science-Policy Panel (SPP).
    Camilla Alexander-White Camilla Alexander-White
    Lead Policy Advisor – Chemicals Policy, Royal Society of Chemistry
  15. Science spotlight

    • there are many NAM available to assess the safety of chemicals without the generation of new animal data;
    • opportunities lie in exposure-informed assessment strategies, considering characterization of biological effects;
    • application of NAM will rely upon an integrated, weight of evidence approach; and
    • innovation in understanding mode of action and growing systems biology capabilities will strengthen the NAM landscape
    Catherine Mahony Catherine Mahony
    Research Fellow, Procter & Gamble
  16. Q&A session

  17. Lunch break and networking

  18. Enhesa Product service presentation and platform demo

    Ryan McErlean Ryan McErlean
    Global Head of Marketing, Enhesa Product, Enhesa
  19. Welcome back


    Kate Lowe Kate Lowe
    Head of Editorial, Chemical Watch News & Insight
  20. Session three: UK policy updates
  21. GB Biocides, CLP and Prior Informed Consent (PIC): Regulating for the Future

    • setting out GB’s regulatory framework for chemicals after leaving the EU, including its opportunities and challenges;
    • explaining the Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Act 2023 and the UK Government programme of ‘Smarter Regulation’;
    • exploring possible opportunities to update the way that HSE regulates chemicals in GB as a result of the Act; and
    • a forward look at what HSE’s chemicals regulations for GB might look like as a consequence.
    Leo McDaid Leo McDaid
    Chemicals Trade Policy Lead, Health and Safety Executive (HSE)
  22. Q&A session

    Joined by

    Anita Orr Anita Orr
    Head of Chemicals and Devolution, Health and Safety Executive (HSE)
  23. Session four: Dealing with EU divergence in UK REACH and GB CLP
  24. Aligning substance classification and labelling (GB MCL) post-Brexit

    • background of GB MCL;
    • summary of what has happened to date;
    • substances that have divergence;
    • future changes to substances;
    • other relevant divergence specific to substances;
    • labelling challenges; and
    • what should companies be doing?
    Caroline Raine Caroline Raine
    Director, Caroline Raine Chemical Consultancy Limited
  25. REACH authorization and restriction post-Brexit

    • what’s changed and what’s stayed the same?;
    • experiences of the UK REACH authorization and restriction processes so far;
    • what’s on the horizon?;
    • exploiting post-Brexit opportunities;
    • what should affected businesses do?
    Richard Bishop Richard Bishop
    Operations Director & Principal Consultant, TSG Consulting
  26. Q&A session

  27. Refreshment break

  28. Session five: Circular economy and encouraging the use of safer and sustainable substances
  29. Upcoming changes to the UK’s WEEE EPR system

    • analysis of recent UK WEEE EPR public consultation;
    • summary of key changes between current and upcoming systems; and
    • highlighting alignment/divergence between new UK WEEE EPR system and EU WEEE EPR system.
    Jordan Girling Jordan Girling
    Head of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), WRAP
  30. The UK RoHS regulations - latest developments

    • what is happening in the EU and how this is reflected in the UK (including the status of TBBP-A, responsibilities for the proposals to move responsibilities to the European Chemicals Agency, and the status of key exemptions that will impact upon those shown as 'transitional' in the UK legislation);
    • the latest on CE/UKCA marking for RoHS; and
    • a forward look
    Steven Andrews Steven Andrews
    Regulatory & Sustainability Expert - Product Sustainability, Assent
    Sue Fortunato-Esbach Sue Fortunato-Esbach
    Manager, EU Regulatory and Sustainability Experts, Assent Inc.
  31. Updates in packaging Extended Producer Responsibility

    • progress achieved within the packaging waste management sector in the UK; and
    • why 2024 is set to be a pivotal year for the reforms.
    George Atkinson George Atkinson
    Head of Policy, Valpak Limited
  32. Q&A session

    Joined by

    Emma Owens Emma Owens
    Regulatory and Sustainability Expert, Product Sustainability, Assent
  33. Close of conference