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  1. Module 1

    • Introduction to REACH 
      • Basics and background
      • Different roles and obligations 
      • Situation in member states and the EEA
      • Consequences of Brexit

    • Registration 
      • Starting a registration
      • Joining an existing registration 
      • The inquiry process 
    Marko Sušnik Marko Sušnik
    Advisor to the Secretary General on Chemicals Policy, SMEunited, and Senior Advisor Chemical Policy, Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKÖ), SMEunited / WKÖ
    Christian Gründling Christian Gründling
    Deputy Director, FCIO, Austria
  2. Refreshment break

  3. Module 2

    • Special cases like recycled materials, intermediates, polymers and nanomaterials
    • Organising yourself and your portfolio 
    • Finding your co- and/or lead-registrants

    • Agents in the REACH environment
      • Third party representatives 
      • Only representatives
      • Trustees
  4. Lunch break

  5. Module 3

    • Data-processing 
      • Assessing hazard and risk 
      • Technical dossier – overview, structure and content
      • Data requirements based on Annex VII-XI 
      • Defining sameness
      • Core elements and practical aspects of a chemical safety analysis (CSA)
      • The chemical safety report (CSR) 
      • Meaning and handling of the terms “use”, “exposure categories”, and “exposure scenarios”
      • Risk assessment principles and basics
      • Supporting tools
  6. Refreshment break

  7. Module 4

    • Data-sharing 
      • The basics and principles of data- and cost-sharing
      • “One substance – one registration” principle 
      • The role of consortia and substance information exchange fora (Siefs) 
      • Aspects of competition law / cost considerations

    EXERCISE: Data requirements in practice and available databases

    • Evaluation process 
      • Evaluating dossiers
      • Evaluating testing proposals
      • Evaluating substances
      • Consequences for your daily business
      • Practical considerations
  8. Finish

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