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  2. Welcome plenary

  3. One Substance One Assessment – important aspects of REACH revision

    • "One Substance One Assessment" - overview, current and future trends 
    • Essential Use – Commission Communication 
    • PFAS Update 
    • REACH/CLP update 
    • Conclusions 
    Claudio Mereu Claudio Mereu
    Partner, EU Regulatory, Fieldfisher LLP, Belgium
    Simon Englebert Simon Englebert
    Senior Associate, EU Regulatory, Fieldfisher LLP
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  5. In the eye of the PFAS storm - a Belgian case study

    • Understanding increasingly complex and cross functional PFAS risks
    • Navigating the eye of the PFAS storm - a Belgian case study
    • How to co-create and develop lasting solutions within an evolving regulatory & remedial framework
    Dirk Nuyens Dirk Nuyens
    Senior Partner, Liability Portfolio Management & Remediation, ERM
  6. Lunch

  7. Challenges for product compliance in online sales

    • Introduction into Online Sales specifics
    • Challenges for product compliance in Online sales
    • Regulatory landscape
    • Regulatory updates and current developments
    • Learnings from enforcement
    • Possible solutions in general
    • Possible solutions for B2B, B2B (R&D) and B2C
    Anna Behmer Anna Behmer
    Market Manager Chemical Compliance & Audit, Ramboll
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  10. Analysis of different EU Regulatory models in Substance Management

    • Regulatory Approach Regarding Risk Management
      • Understanding Risk Management in Substance Assessment
      • Specific Risk Assessment vs Generic Risk Considerations
    • Overview of key EU Regulatory Models (CPR, BPR, PPPR, FCM, MDR, BD, RoHS, REACH)
    • Comparative Analysis
      • Objectives & Scope
      • Regulatory Requirements & Compliance Framework
      • Impact on Substance Management practices
    • Derogation and Exemption Models
      • Understanding Derogation and Exemptions in EU Regulations
      • Implications for Substance Management Stakeholders
    Alex Bocquillion Alex Bocquillion
    Partner, EPPA
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