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  1. Registrations and coffee

  2. Welcome and introduction


    Nhat Nguyen Nhat Nguyen
    Chief Analyst, Enhesa Product, USA
  3. Session 5: Standards, product compliance and supply chain management
  4. Status of the IPC and IEC standards development committees

    • Overview of XML-based standards for material declaration
    • Status of revisions to IPC 1751, IPC 1752, IPC 1753 and IPC 1754 family of standards
    • IEC 62474 material declaration standard status and update
    • Overview of upcoming ISO/IEC 82474-1 standard
    Randy Flinders Randy Flinders
    Compliance Specialist, GreenSoft Technology, United States
  5. Update on the Towards Zero Exposure program and CEPN's priority chemicals list

    • Hear about the impact of the Toward Zero Exposure program at the end of its second year and plans for increasing impact in the future 
    • Learn about CEPN’s Priority Chemicals and ongoing work 
    • Introduction to new chemical safety training for workers and managers 
    Pamela Brody-Heine Pamela Brody-Heine
    Director - Clean Electronics Production Network, Green America Center for Sustainability Solutions
  6. Three pivots for risk based compliance in your supply chain!

    • All suppliers are not created equal
    • Evolution of processes
    • Risk Mitigation
    Robert (Bob) Trimble Robert (Bob) Trimble
    Program Manager - Global Restricted Substances (GRS), Intertek, United States
  7. Q&A session

  8. Refreshment break

  9. Session 6: Hot topics
  10. The value of Full material disclosure (FMD) in meeting product substance reporting requirements and restrictions

    • Why FMD is considered vital for addressing modern product environmental requirements
    • Anatomy of a full material disclosure
    • Benefits of full material disclosure
    • Limitations of full material disclosure  
    Randy Flinders Randy Flinders
    Compliance Specialist, GreenSoft Technology, United States
  11. Emerging regulatory concerns for batteries

    • Batteries and the electronics they power 
    • Current regulatory landscape for batteries 
    • The green transition and anticipated regulatory hurdles 
    • How batteries will assist in meeting future energy demand and the trade-offs that will come along with it 
    Susan E. Bernard Susan E. Bernard
    Director, Regulatory & Technical Affairs, Battery Council International; and, Director, Women in the Global Battery Industry (WGBI)
  12. Q&A session

  13. Lunch and networking

  14. Enhesa Product Global Battery Comparison Tool demo

    Stacey Bowers, Global Product Compliance Manager, Enhesa Product, will present a draft Focused Compliance Solution targeting batteries globally.
    The Tool, which uses the EU's 2023 Batteries Regulation as its framework, addresses all aspects of battery compliance, including design, restrictions on hazardous substances, labeling, safety, extended producer responsibility (EPR) and more.
    Attendees' feedback is encouraged, as we continue to iterate on our approach to this new Tool!
    Stacey Bowers Stacey Bowers
    Global Product Compliance Manager, Enhesa
  15. Session 7: Sustainability

    Session moderator

    Michael Kirschner Michael Kirschner
    President, Design Chain Associates, LLC, United States
  17. Environmental Sustainability

    Holly Evans Holly Evans
    Senior Vice President, Environmental Policy & Legal Affairs, Responsible Business Alliance
  18. iNEMI Roadmap

    • Sustainability and circularity are key issues for the growing electronics industry as electronic devices become more widespread in the home, transportation and in personal communications.
    • iNEMI and its members cover the entire electronics supply chain from process and component materials to final products and end-of-life.
    • The iNEMI roadmap identifies key chemical management issues to be tackled as we address materials shortages and move to a more sustainable society.
    Alan Rae Alan Rae
    Director, NYS Centers of Excellence and Advanced Technology
  19. International Roadmap for Devices and Systems (IRDS)

    How Environmental, Safety, Health & Sustainability is taken into account

    • Technology Roadmap (RM) Overview
    • External Landscape (drivers and issues)
    • ESH/S Technology Roadmap Overview
    • Challenges and proactive technical development strategies
    Stephen Tisdale Stephen Tisdale
    President, Tisdale Environmental Consulting LLC
  20. Q&A session

  21. Refreshment break

  22. Session 8: Sustainable product lifecycles
  23. Sustainable Product Lifecycles: Circularity and Chemical Footprints

    Mark Rossi Mark Rossi
    Executive Director, Clean Production Action
  24. EPR for electronics in the US and Canada

    Nidia Mariana Calvo Mendez Nidia Mariana Calvo Mendez
    Americas Managing Analyst, Enhesa Product
  25. Q&A session

  26. Close of conference

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