Evaluations and grades concerning chemical policies and practices of 43 of the largest North American retailers

In the fourth annual report card on safer chemicals in consumer products, the Mind the Store campaign found that some major retailers are making meaningful progress in improving the chemical safety of the products and packaging they sell. Still, about one-third of the companies evaluated failed to make the grade.

The 'Who’s Minding the Store? A Report Card on Retailer Actions to Eliminate Toxic Chemicals' report evaluated and graded the chemical policies and practices of 43 of the largest North American retailers, including grocery and fast food chains, as part of Safer Chemicals Healthy Families’ Mind the Store campaign.
This free webinar discusses the updated report card, including significant findings and the next steps for the campaign. View the recording below:

Topics that were explored:
  • the annual report card;
  • how top retailers scored in the report card;
  • retail chemical sustainability trends;
  • steps businesses can take to meet the rising consumer demand for safe and healthy products; and,
  • next steps for the campaign and report card in 2020.
  • Mike Schade, Mind the Store Campaign Director, Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families
  • Mike Belliveau, Executive Director, Environmental Health Strategy Center

Mike Schade will also be presenting at Food Contact Regulations USA, on 9-10 March in Washington, DC, where he'll address the findings of the recent ‘Who’s Minding the Store?’ retailer report card, as well as the criteria that the Mind the Store campaign is using, and policy recommendations for top food retailers. Find out more

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