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  2. Session 1: Emerging regulatory trends across Latin America
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    Chemical Watch

  4. Keynote  The drivers for recent regulatory developments across Latin America

    • Saicm (Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management) 
    • Sustainable development goals
    • OECD Membership: current situation and future joinings
    Daniel Rios Daniel Rios
    Product Stewardship Manager - Americas, Givaudan, Argentina
  5. Trade blocs Mercosur and Comunidad Andina and their influences on chemical regulations and compliance

    Miriam Mazza Miriam Mazza
    International Counsel, Beveridge & Diamond, P.C., US
  6. Recent developments in chemicals control legislation in Brazil

    • Regulatory draft bill updates
    • Regulation establishes the National Inventory of Chemical Substances

    Speaker from the Brazilian Chemical Industry Association (ABQUIM), Brazil

  7. Brazilian biodiversity laws as applied to chemicals

    • Main aspects of the current regime
    • Legal concepts: Genetic heritage, traditional community and knowledge, technological development
    • CGEN’s interpretations and trends in the administrative sphere
    • Brazilian Courts’ view
    Luiz Bezerra Luiz Bezerra
    Partner, Mayer Brown, Brazil
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  10. Regulatory updates from Argentina

  11. Developments on chemicals management in Chile

    • The Industrial Chemical Management Program published in 2017
    • Draft decree currently under legal review process, expected to be released early 2020
    • Management of chemical products under the Chilean Health Code
    Cristián Brito Cristián Brito
    Environmental Risk Coordinator, Ministry of Environment, Chile
  12. Regulatory updates from Colombia

    Speaker from the Chemical Substances Group, Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, Colombia

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  15. Panel discussion and Q&A: GHS adoption and implementation in Latam countries

    • Updates from the authorities
    • How are companies being prepared?
    Cristina Garcia Cristina Garcia
    Senior Regulatory and Compliance Analyst, Chemical Watch, Portugal
  16. Legislation for industrial chemicals management in Costa Rica

    • Costa Rica is the only country in Latin America that has implemented legislation for industrial chemicals management. 
    • Update on objectives in the national chemical safety policy
  17. Global use of data and best practices for data management across Latin America

    Willi Muenninghoff Willi Muenninghoff
    Director, ReachCentrum Asia Ltd.
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  20. Mexico: Current regulatory framework and proposed strategy for industrial chemicals management

    • Existing regulations for chemicals: manufacture, imports, exports, classification, transportation and storage of chemicals. 
    • Proposed strategy for the management of industrial chemicals; inter-agency efforts, industry associations input, registration, evaluation, creation of a compulsory inventory.
    • USMCA commitments and comparison with other chemicals management plans.
    Cristina Caro Tovar Cristina Caro Tovar
    Regulatory Attorney - Latin America, Independent Consultant, US
    Cristina Garcia Cristina Garcia
    Senior Regulatory and Compliance Analyst, Chemical Watch, Portugal
  21. Unep’s work in Latin America and projects to strengthen national capacities for the management of chemical substances and hazardous waste

    Monika MacDevette Monika MacDevette
    Head, Chemicals and Health Branch, United Nations Environment Programme (Unep), Kenya
  22. Q&A

  23. Panel discussion and Q&A: What’s on the horizon for regulations across Latin America?

    • Improving chemicals management across the Latin American region
    • Developing FCM regulations 
    • The latest in cosmetics regulations
    • NGO viewpoint
  24. Close of day one and drinks reception

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