Overview of regional packaging EPR regulations

An overview of regional packaging Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regulations, regulatory requirements that are placed on ‘producers’ (i.e., manufacturers, sellers, brand owners), and how and when producers are expected to comply with the EPR regulations in practice. The session will include:     

  • Any new packaging EPR regulations. 
  • A summary of significant changes to regional packaging EPR systems and actions that ‘producers’ will need to take to comply with the most recent regulatory developments. 
  • Any developments in mandatory packaging EPR labelling requirements. 
  • Any new packaging EPR enforcement possibilities or publicly available examples of packaging EPR enforcement. 

What can you expect from the course? 

The training is mostly presentation style accompanied by downloadable course summary documentation, polls, and additional reading. Training will cover EPR background information about EPR, packaging legislation/regulation updates, and how/when ‘producers’ are expected to comply in practice.

Who should attend this course? 

  • ‘Producers’ (manufacturers, sellers, brand owners) 
  • Packaging specialists  
  • Compliance teams 
  • Brand managers 

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