Event overview

What’s in it for you?

This one-hour webcast is a new addition to the 2024 Global Outlook series from Enhesa Product. For the first time, we’ll explore product compliance issues that go beyond chemicals.

Attendees will gain insights into the global view of product compliance in 2024. Our experts will outline the latest design, labeling, safety, testing and waste requirements for a wide range of products, including batteries, electrical and electronic equipment, medical devices, food contact articles, apparel and footwear, toys and more.

Key webinar discussion topics will include:

  • next steps on the on the application of the EU’s Batteries Regulation;
  • the proposed revision to the EU’s textile fiber identification Directive;
  • the proposed revision to the EU’s Toy Safety Directive;
  • California’s proposed amendments to the Proposition 65 short form warning;
  • energy efficiency requirements in the EU, India, Singapore, China, the US and more;
  • the latest on France’s Triman labeling requirements.