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Biocides Europe 2018

conference   27-28 November 2018 Vienna, Austria

A unique opportunity to join our expert panel for a two day event in Vienna which focuses on the latest information and advice on the application of the EU Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR).

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Food Contact Regulations Asia 2018

conference   23 November 2018 Singapore

Chemical Watch's second Food Contact Regulations conference in Asia brought together experts from throughout Asia and further afield to offer latest developments on food contact regulations.

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Regulatory Summit Asia 2018

conference   21-22 November 2018 Singapore

A unique opportunity to join our panel of experts from government, industry, and professional advisers as they share practical perspectives and understanding of global regulatory challenges.

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Chemistry for the Non-Chemist

training webinar   20 November 2018 14:00 (view timezones)

This introductory webinar will provide you with a basic understanding of some of the most common physicochemical terms used in the prediction of likely exposure routes and hazardous effects.

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Biocides Asia 2018

conference   19-20 November 2018 Singapore

Our fifth annual Biocides Asia conference provided an unparalleled opportunity to explore the latest regulatory developments in biocides both in Asia and around the world.

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Biocides USA 2018

conference   6-7 November 2018 San Francisco, United States

A two-day conference brought together experts from the USA, Asia and Europe to discuss the latest developments in the regulation of biocides (antimicrobials).

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Regulatory Summit USA 2018

conference   31 October 2018-1 November 2018 Arlington, United States

This Summit offered a unique opportunity to get ahead of the latest regulatory challenges facing the safe management of chemicals.

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