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  1. Day three welcome

    Day 3 Moderator:

    Terry Hyland Terry Hyland
    Senior Editor, North America, Chemical Watch News & Insight, by Enhesa, USA
  2. Session one: Federal regulations including TSCA
  3. An overview of developments to US EPA regulations and actions under TSCA

    Erik Baptist Erik Baptist
    Partner, Wiley Rein LLP
  4. Recent developments under TSCA: evaluation and regulation of existing chemicals

    W. Caffey Norman W. Caffey Norman
    Senior Partner, Squire Patton Boggs
  5. TSCA and Snurs

    • Presentation to include a deep dive into two of the most common Snur components, release to water and exposure to particulates
    Jeff Hafer Jeff Hafer
    Senior Regulatory Scientist, knoell USA, United States
  6. Q&A

  7. Break

  8. Global supply challenges with US persistent, bioaccumlative and toxic substances

    In the US, we have been hearing about PBT substances since voluntary programs to submit your data to the EPA. Certainly, while developing the Reform, it was known that action would be taken to reduce PBTs. Yet the five PBT rules published earlier this year, seem to have taken the regulated community by somewhat of a surprise; so much so that the EPA added a comment period, issued no action assurances, etc.

    In this session, we will discuss what occurred, the new updates on these rules and, more importantly, strategies on how to comply.

    Rose Passarella Rose Passarella
    Director - Chemicals Group, Intertek Assuris, USA
  9. Developments with PFASs across the US

    Jonathan Gledhill Jonathan Gledhill
    President, Policy Navigation Group
  10. Q&A

  11. Break

  12. Session two: Spotlight on state level regulations and developments in Canada
  13. Challenges and opportunities for state level developments in chemicals regulations

    Carolyn Hanson Carolyn Hanson
    Deputy Executive Director, Environmental Council of the States
  14. State bill trends

    A look at trends seen this year for bills being proposed, and for those that have passed.

    Nhat Nguyen Nhat Nguyen
    Chief Analyst, Enhesa Product, USA
  15. Hot topics for regulatory developments in Canada

    Dan Bastien Dan Bastien
    Senior Director and Head of Chemicals, Intertek, Canada
  16. Q&A

  17. Sponsor Workshop from Intertek: PFAS hot topics: Ask the expert

    Join Rose Passarella, Director - Chemicals at Intertek to discover the latest updates and hot topics regarding PFAS in the United States and worldwide, in an interactive workshop with the opportunity to join the discussion and ask questions.

    Rose Passarella Rose Passarella
    Director - Chemicals Group, Intertek Assuris, USA
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