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  1. Cosmetic ingredients

    • Regulatory management of cosmetic ingredients:
      –  introduction of inventories of cosmetic ingredients; and
      –  supervision pattern of existing cosmetic ingredients and new cosmetic ingredients.

    • Management measures for existing cosmetics ingredients and transitional treatment:
      –  how to apply for an ingredient code; and
      –  other new requirements that should be considered.

    • Management of new cosmetic ingredients:
      –  pre-market obligations of an applicant and domestic responsible person;
      –  pre-market registration and filing requirements for new cosmetic ingredients (procedures, testing and dossier requirements); and
      –  post-registration/filing obligation of applicant and domestic responsible person.
    April Guo April Guo
    General Manager, Personal and Home Care Division, CIRS Group China
    Brenda Lou Brenda Lou
    District Manager, CIRS Group China
  2. Finished cosmetics

    • Cosmetics regulatory framework and competent authority:
      –  introduction of the Cosmetics Supervision and Administration Regulation; and
      –  other main departmental rules and normative documents.

    •  New regulatory requirements of cosmetics registration/filing:
      –  new classification rules of cosmetics;
      –  pre- and post- market obligations of applicant and domestic responsible person;
      –  pre-market registration and filing procedures;
      –  quality management and adverse reaction monitoring;
      –  testing requirements and strategy to waive animal testing;
      –  product safety assessment;
      –  efficacy evaluation; and
      –  labelling.

    • Main comparisons and transitional measures between the old and new regulations:
      –  main differences such as classification, testing, dossier, labelling,
          post-market surveillance, etc; and
      –  required work at different time period.
  3. Finish