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Compliance Map


The Compliance Map platform is an all-in-one solution to automate and manage all your company’s environmental and supply chain compliance obligations. The system covers chemical regulations ranging from Global RoHS, REACH, POPs, PFAS, TSCA, Prop65, custom lists, and much more.

Streamlined campaign management enables the communication necessary to gather and distribute compliance information automatically. Reports and forms can be proactively published quickly and efficiently to allow you to comply with any quick turnaround or immediate notification obligations you may face.

Fully automate publication of SCIP notifications to ECHA using attribute mapping, supplier declarations and system-to-system IUCLID ECHA integration is natively supported.

The solution eco-system is fully enterprise integrated, enabling transparent synchronization of BOM and material data and supports the major PLM/ERP systems on the market. The Compliance Map monitors all regulations to ensure the platform is always current to reflect today's regulatory landscape and scales to meet tomorrow’s challenges.