Benedikt Heuer

Co-Founder and Managing Director, IonKraft GmbH

Michael G Anderson

Principal Engineer, Corporate Energy, Environment, Safety & Health Advocacy Lead, International Aerospace Environmental Group (IAEG)

Mike Schade

Director, Mind the Store, Toxic-Free Future, United States

Jan Woelz

Head of Ecotoxicology, Bayer AG

Natasa Sbrizaj

EMEA Regulatory and Government Affairs Manager for Environment and Sustainability, 3M

Samer Saab

PhD, Regional Technology Manager, Chemours Thermal and Specialized Solutions

Lauren Tamboer

Communications and Stakeholder Involvement Lead, Washington Department of Ecology

Frida Hök

Deputy Director, ChemSec, Sweden

Xenia Trier

Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen

Charlotte Legind

Environmental Chemist, Danish Veterinary and Food Administration

Hélène Duguy

Jurist, Chemicals Project, ClientEarth

Edward Latter

Chemicals Policy Team Leader, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), UK

Robert J. Simon

Vice President, Chemical Products & Technology Divisions, American Chemistry Council

André Algazi

Manager, Safer Consumer Products Branch, California Department of Toxic Substances Control

Marcel van den Noort

VP Advocacy and Regulatory Affairs, Gujarat Fluorochemical

Deepak Kapoor

Vice President – Marketing and Fluoropolymer Strategy, Gujarat Fluorochemicals

Andrew Turley

Science Editor, Chemical Watch News & Insight, by Enhesa

Julia John

North America Desk Editor, Chemical Watch News & Insight