Two days of learning from the most advanced countries in the world

Day one begins with a global focus on safer chemicals. This includes a keynote address from Achim Halpaap, Head of Chemicals and Waste Branch of UNEP, and is followed by presentations from the US Green Chemistry & Commerce Council, the KinChem project and IPEN, the global network that brings together leading environmental and public health groups around the world to establish and implement safe chemicals policies and practices. The focus then turns to innovative/progressive chemicals management, both in upstream companies – including case studies from BASF and Akzo Nobel – and downstream companies that innovate to meet the demands of consumers, customers and supply chains.

Day two begins with a keynote address by the European Chemicals Agency, followed by a review of current EU Chemicals Policy including the REACH Review/Refit programme. The Nordic region round-up in the context of (progressive) chemicals management and other developments includes a session of updates from the Nordic authorities and a review of the Swedish Substitution Centre. The day ends with a Nordic industry roundtable on innovation.