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  1. Welcome

  2. Session 2: Design for sustainability - continued


    Kate Sellers Kate Sellers
    Technical Fellow, ERM, US
  4. Trends for Safe by Design' in the EU and the US - A panel Session

    • Challenges and how to overcome them
    • Regulating trends and defining sustainable chemistry in the US
    • Regulating trends and defining sustainable chemistry in the EU 
    David Constable David Constable
    Science Director, ACS - Green Chemistry Institute
    Ruxandra Cana Ruxandra Cana
    Partner, Steptoe LLP
    Rachel Simon Rachel Simon
    Senior Manager, Technology Assessment and Resource Development, Global Electronics Council
  5. ESG reporting

    Gabriel Thoumi Gabriel Thoumi
    CEO and Founder, Responsible Alpha
  6. Refreshments

  7. Session 3: Achieving a Circular Economy


    Enrique Guinand Enrique Guinand
    Ph.D., Partner, ERM
  9. Evolving EVOLVE 2030 for a resilient and circular future

    • In 2019, Chemours developed its EVOLVE 2030 method to help us navigate the path to a more sustainable and resilient portfolio
    • To avoid the pitfalls of complacency, we remain firmly grounded in the belief that we must continue to improve—our footprint, our societal contributions, our data, and our method
    • Evolving EVOLVE 2030: case examples, data management and visualization, integration into business processes, as well as incorporation of lessons learned and circularity into EVOLVE 2030 V2.0 will be discussed
    Kathleen O'Keefe Kathleen O'Keefe
    Global Product Sustainability Senior Director, The Chemours Company
    Andrew Liu Andrew Liu
    Global Product Sustainability Strategy Leader, Chemours
  10. Chemical recycling - a key enabler of plastics circularity

    Joshua Baca Joshua Baca
    Vice President, Plastics Division, American Chemistry Council 
  11. Global developments for ecolabels

    Doug Gatlin Doug Gatlin
    CEO, Green Seal
  12. Q&A

  13. Lunch

  14. Living in a Circular World: The Challenges of Complying with TSCA

    Lynn L. Bergeson Lynn L. Bergeson
    Managing Partner, Bergeson & Campbell, USA
    Richard Engler, Ph.D. Richard Engler, Ph.D.
    Director of Chemistry, Bergeson & Campbell, P.C.
    Molly Blessing Molly Blessing
    Vice President of Sustainability & Product Stewardship, Household & Commercial Products Association
  15. Q&A

  16. Refreshments

  17. Session 4: Sustainable packaging


    Rick Zultner Rick Zultner
    Senior Consultant, ERM
  19. Pharmaceutical packaging – Case studies and trends

    • Case study - Choosing the right material based on LCA
    • Packaging trends
    • Innovation opportunities
    Shruti Parikh Shruti Parikh
    Associate Director-Packaging Design, R&D Pharma Sci, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company
  20. How LCAs can drive strategy and decarbonize the value chain

    • The role LCAs can play in strategic decision making at the corporate level
    • The important role sustainable innovation plays in managing regulatory risks such as the plastic packaging waste taxes in the EU
    • How Greif helps its customers make more informed, sustainable choices through its LCA based tool
    • Product case studies
    Aysu Katun Aysu Katun
    VP of Sustainability, Greif
  21. Sustainability benefits of flexible packaging

    Alison Keane Alison Keane
    President and CEO, Flexible Packaging Association
  22. Q&A

  23. Close of conference

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