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Mats Linder

Mats Linder

Head of Consulting, Stena Recycling

As one of Sweden’s most experienced circular economy consultants, Mats works with companies to drive a transformation to a circular economy model. With a background at McKinsey & Company, he worked with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation 2014-2018 as lead on multiple circular economy projects, notably in the New Plastics Economy. In 2018, he set up an independent consultancy through which he has worked with institutions such as the EU Commission and Consumer Goods Forum, as well numerous private and non-profit organisations.

Mats draws on his combined academic and consulting experience to find solutions to the intractable problem of operating within the boundaries of both the economy and natural environment. He has authored multiple publications and whitepapers on circular economy and chemistry.

Mats holds a PhD in physical chemistry, and a Master’s degree in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering from KTH Royal institute of technology.