Hear the latest information on managing chemicals in electronics and electricals

This two-day virtual conference offers the latest information and advice on chemicals management and restrictions in electronics. 

Day one focuses on regulatory updates and the latest on substances, including per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs). 

Day two will look at e-waste and ecodesign, followed by a look at the circular economy and batteries. 

Speakers include representatives from government organisations, trade associations, industry, service providers and NGOs. Take the opportunity to join in discussions and ask the experts questions. 

 Key themes will include:  

  • global EEE regulations, with dedicated sessions on Europe, the US and rest of world; 
  • substance-specific issues, including the use of PFAS; 
  • ecodesign;
  • e-waste and batteries; and
  • other global developments. 

Why should you attend this event? 

The conference will allow you to: 

  • learn from regulators, industry leaders, NGOs and other stakeholders who are also actively involved in the global electronics and electricals industries; 
  • gain valuable insight into the current electronics regulations and standards in Europe and further afield; 
  • bring yourself up to date with the complex and changeable landscape of chemicals management in just two days; 
  • ask your questions directly to the experts;
  • all the recorded presentations will be made available to you once the conference has finished. You can watch them again whenever suits you best; and
  • as you won’t need to travel, you will also reduce your carbon emissions. Plus, any materials that are usually printed at our conferences will be digital, minimising the need for more paper. 

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Earlier this year, we held the virtual conference, Chemicals Management for Electronics in Europe. Check out our highlights page below to see testimonials, articles and more from the event!


Testimonials from Global Electronics Summit (21–23 September 2021)

  • "This event was very useful. It was a compendium of knowledge about regulations related to electronics."
  • "The event was very helpful and provided a lot of insights on the electronics industry as a whole. I can take some of that information back to identify areas more specific to my industry."
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed the event because it provided me with up-to-date information. "
  • "The event overall was a success. The presentation lengths were ideal and had content relatable to my sector."
  • "The event had a great line-up of presenters who gave actionable advice and information relevant to our industry. 
  • "Very informative!"
  • "Super useful!"

Who should attend? 

  • Regulatory affairs managers 
  • Compliance managers
  • Government regulators
  • Product stewards
  • Lawyers
  • Consultants
  • Trade associations
  • Service providers
  • NGOs
  • Academics 

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