2nd Annual Food Contact Regulations Asia

As food contact regulations continue to be complex and fast-moving, the second annual event from Chemical Watch welcomed a team of outstanding speakers from around Asia to bring attendees the latest developments across the region.

Food contact materials include both food packaging (plastics, paper, cardboard, and cans, etc.) and food production equipment (tubes, conveyor belts, containers, and gloves, etc.). The materials used in packaging and production contain a large number of chemicals which can transfer into food and is considered one of the most important routes of human exposure to chemicals. Ensuring compliance both now and in the future is imperative to those working in FCMs (food contact materials).

The conference offered guidance from experts including regulators, specialist consultants, and industry who shared their expertise on countries including China, South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Australia and New Zealand.

Attendees had the opportunity to network with food contact regulation leaders and peers and share their experiences, challenges and solutions to ensure compliance.

The conference closed with an industry panel session which featured speakers from leading FCM organisations, who discussed the challenges facing professionals working in food contact regulations today.