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    Registration and refreshments

  2. Welcome and introduction

    by the moderator

    Leigh Stringer Leigh Stringer
    Managing Editor, Europe, Chemical Watch News & Insight - by Enhesa
  3. Session 1: Overviews on regulatory developments
  4. The European Commission updates on CSS

    Cristina de Avila Cristina de Avila
    Head of Unit, Sustainable Chemicals, DG Environment, European Commission
  5. Echa update – preparing for implementation of new legislative requirements

    • What might change 
    • Opportunities and challenges ahead  
    • How to use our experience to best effect 
    Sharon McGuinness Sharon McGuinness
    Executive Director, European Chemicals Agency
  6. The essential use concept – criteria to phase out non-essential uses of the most harmful chemicals

    • Reminder on the proposed scope of the essential use concept 
    • Proposed high level criteria for the essential use concept and further guidance on those 
    • Possible options to introduce the essential use concept in REACH and other EU legislation 
    • Expected main impacts of introducing the essential use concept in REACH 
    Kastalie Bougas Kastalie Bougas
    Policy Officer, Safe and Sustainable Chemicals, DG Environment, European Commission
  7. Can the REACH revision satisfy all stakeholders? The chemical industry perspective

    • Progress achieved, key expectations from industry and remaining uncertainties 
    • Concerns, especially regarding the essential use concept, the generic approach to risk management, grouping and new obligations, such as polymer registration 
    • Areas deemed to be controversial between stakeholders
    Sylvie Lemoine Sylvie Lemoine
    Executive Director Product Stewardship, Cefic
  8. Refreshments

  9. The CSS, no piece of cake for SMEs

    • Why does the CSS matter for SMEs? 
    • What are the challenges? 
    • What are the opportunities?  


    Marko Sušnik Marko Sušnik
    Advisor to the Secretary General on Chemicals Policy, SMEunited, and Senior Advisor Chemical Policy, Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKÖ), SMEunited / WKÖ
  10. Q&A and panel discussion, including different stakeholders’ perspectives on the essential use concept

    Additional panelist:

    Tatiana Santos Tatiana Santos
    Head of Chemicals Policy, European Environmental Bureau (EEB), Belgium
  11. Lunch

  12. Chemical Watch demo

  13. Session 2: Developing concepts for application under REACH
  14. The future of polymer registration

    • Notification of polymers: purpose and information required
    • Registration of polymers requiring registration: purpose and process
    • Amendments to REACH revision 2023 on polymers
    Katrin Schütte Katrin Schütte
    Policy Officer, European Commission, DG Environment
  15. Mixture assessment and role of the mixtures assessment factor (MAF)

    • The mixtures problem 
    • Addressing the problem: the mixtures assessment factor (MAF) 
    • Possible implementation of the MAF in REACH 
    Kristina Flexman Kristina Flexman
    Environmental Policy Consultant, WSP
  16. Q&A

  17. Session 3: Restriction roadmap – one year on
  18. Overall strategy for restrictions on flame retardants

    • Motivation: avoiding regrettable substitution and increasing predictability 
    • Looking back and status quo: flame retardants under REACH and the Stockholm Convention 
    • Content: substance groups potentially in scope, priorities, challenges 
    Valentina Bertato Valentina Bertato
    Policy Officer, European Commission, DG Environment
    Georg Streck Georg Streck
    Policy Officer, REACH Unit, DG GROW, European Commission
  19. Refreshments

  20. Update on new general PFAS restriction proposal

    • Short introduction on the restriction process so far 
    • Overview of the concerns over PFAS and contents of the proposal 
    • Next steps in the proposal, with emphasis on the consultation phase that runs until 25 September 
    Thijs de Kort Thijs de Kort
    Coordinator REACH Restrictions and Authorisations / NL Project Manager UPFAS Restriction, Bureau REACH, National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), The Netherlands
  21. Update on bisphenols restriction proposal

    • Setting the scene: bisphenols regulation under REACH and CLP 
    • Considerations on the restriction proposal 
    • Status of the process and way forward 
    Christian Unkelbach Christian Unkelbach
    Scientific Officer, Federal Institute for Occupational Health and Safety, Germany
  22. Restriction proposal for microplastics (intentional use) and consequences

    Tim Bowmer Tim Bowmer
    Chair of the Committee for Risk Assessment (RAC), European Chemicals Agency
    Filipe Almeida Filipe Almeida
    Director Product Stewardship, Cefic
  23. Q&A and panel discussion

  24. End of day one/drinks reception

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