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    Moderator: Vanessa Zainzinger, Senior Editor, Chemical Watch

    Vanessa Zainzinger Vanessa Zainzinger
    Senior Reporter, Chemical Watch News & Insight, by Enhesa
  2. Session 4: Sustainability and the BPR
  3. The safe and sustainable by design (SSbD) framework and its implementation in the biocides sector

    • SSbD framework introduction 
    • SSbD implementation: case studies and European Commission recommendation 
    • SSbD framework implementation in the biocides sector 
    Irantzu Garmendia Aguirre Irantzu Garmendia Aguirre
    Project Officer, European Commission, Directorate General Joint Research Centre
  4. Alternatives to conventional biocides

    • Biocides are challenged by CLP/REACH and BPR 
    • Experiences with alternative technologies and low-risk biocides 
    • Physical/mechanical or chemical modes of action (MoA) 
    Berit Lindegaard Berit Lindegaard
    Product Manager, Danish Technological Institute
  5. Simplified authorisations for low-risk biocides

    • Introduction to Ctgb   
    • Introduction to, and explanation of, application requirements/procedure for simplified authorisations for low-risk biocides 
    • Perceived hurdles for submitting an application for simplified authorisations for low-risk biocides 
    Rebekka Leenders Rebekka Leenders
    Policy Advisor, Ctgb, Netherlands
  6. Highlights from the new Echa guidance 'Analysis of alternatives to biocidal active substances'

    • Purpose of the guidance 
    • Scope of the analysis 
    • Structure of the analysis 
    Daniela Romano Daniela Romano
    Senior Consultant for Biocidal Products, knoell Germany GmbH
  7. Q&A

  8. Refreshment break

  9. What consumers know about biocidal products: results from a consumer survey in Germany

    • Public awareness of environmental risk measures, often determined by technical experts
    • Comprehensibility and feasibility of adhering to specific use instructions by end users 
    Christiane Stark Christiane Stark
    Scientific Officer, German Environment Agency (UBA)
  10. Better consumer education and empowerment to understand and use biocides and disinfectants

    • Importance of hygiene and disinfectants 
    • Hygiene and consumer self-care post pandemic
    • The future: consideration of future global pandemics, including antimicrobial resistance 
    Barry Dodd Barry Dodd
    Regulatory Manager, Reckitt Benckiser
  11. Q&A and panel discussion: How to increase public awareness of biocides in a balanced way?

    Marta Cainzos Garcia Marta Cainzos Garcia
    Policy Officer, European Commission, DG SANTE
    Erik van de Plassche Erik van de Plassche
    Chairman of the Biocidal Products Committee, European Chemicals Agency, Finland
    Camelia Mihai Camelia Mihai
    Team Lead Biocides, Biocides For Europe, Cefic, Belgium
    Barry Dodd Barry Dodd
    Regulatory Manager, Reckitt Benckiser
    Christel Søgaard Kirkeby Christel Søgaard Kirkeby
    Project Officer, Danish Consumer Council THINK Chemicals
  12. Lunch


    Moderator: David Dillon, Senior Regulatory and Compliance Analyst, Chemical Watch

  14. Session 5: Assessment updates
  15. Aspects of biocidal product families (BPFs): Determination of a representative test product for efficacy

    • Determining a representative test product for efficacy evaluation of a BPF 
    • How to design appropriate bridging studies 
    • General approach for efficacy assessment 
    Irina Jansen Irina Jansen
    Scientific Officer, Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA), Germany
  16. Mapping and environmental assessment of cleaning products for outdoor use

    • The project aims to map and assess outdoor cleaning products containing surfactants which also have biocidal function 
    • A total of 20 products have been analysed for alkyldimethylbenzylammonium chloride (ADBAC) and didecyldimethylammonium chloride (DDAC) 
    • Environmental risk assessment has been carried out for 19 products 
    Nadine Heidi Nepper-Rasmussen Nadine Heidi Nepper-Rasmussen
    Scientific Officer, Danish Environmental Protection Agency
  17. Antimicrobial resistance development for biocides

    • Current status of discussion of Echa Guidance Document 
    • Current status of discussion in CEN TC 216 
    • Potential approaches: literature review, methods, market surveillance 

    Virtual presentation

    Florian H H Brill Florian H H Brill
    Owner and Managing Director, Dr Brill + Partner GmbH, Institut für Hygiene und Mikrobiologie
  18. Q&A

  19. Refreshment break

  20. Session 6: International updates
  21. Health Canada’s disinfectants update

    • Covid-19 pandemic response and lessons learned
    • Emerging viral pathogens (EVP) list
    • Proposed biocides regulations 

    Virtual presentation

    Shannon C. Wright Shannon C. Wright
    Manager – Disinfectants, Bureau of Product Review and Assessment, Bureau oHealth Products and Food Branch Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate, Health Canada
  22. Industry perspective on recent changes in biocides regulation in North America

    • United States
      • Pesticide Registration Improvement Extension Act (PRIA 5)  
      • registration review 
      • notification/amendment developments 
    • Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) transformation process 
      • modernized business practices 
      • transparency 
      • renewal process  
    • Conclusions/next steps 
    Adrian Krygsman Adrian Krygsman
    Director, Troy Corporation an Arxada Company
  23. Latest K-BPR update

    • K-BPR introduction 
    • Differences between EU BPR and K-BPR 
    • Present and future of K-BPR 
    Young-In Kim Young-In Kim
    Chief Researcher, Korea Testing & Research Institute (KTR), South Korea
  24. Q&A

  25. End of conference

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