Timings are in BST (London)

  1. China New Chemical Substance Notification – MEE Order 12 (China REACH)

    • introduction to the current implementation of MEE Order 12;
    • the registration requirements under MEE Order 12; and
    • practical advice from CIRS.
    • Hazardous chemical management in China
      • introduction to the hazardous chemical management regulations;
      • hazardous chemical registration and the new QR code requirements; and
      • regulatory requirements based on different business activities in China.
    • Introduction to the GHS regulations in China
      • current implementation of China GHS standard;
      • SDS and label requirements in China; and
      • Practical advice from CIRS.
    Bryan Zhou Bryan Zhou
    Deputy General Manager, CIRS Europe
    Dean Winder Dean Winder
    Senior Regulatory Consultant, CIRS Europe
    Xiang Li Xiang Li
    Business Development Manager, CIRS Europe
  2. Q&A Session

  3. Finish