1. Break-out session: Developments elsewhere in the world
  2. Developments from the Middle East

    Michael S. Wenk Michael S. Wenk
    Senior Manager – Product Risk and Registration, Global Product Risk, Vanderbilt Global Services, LLC
  3. Eurasia REACH

    • Eurasian Economic Union Technical Regulation on safety of chemical products (041/2017) – main requirements and enforcement time frame
    • Registration of chemicals and Chemical Inventory
    • Notification and Restrictions
    Emilia Vassileva Emilia Vassileva
    Sr. Eurasian Regulatory Specialist, 3E Regulatory Research and Consulting Services
  4. Turkey REACH

    Tugce Gurleroglu Tugce Gurleroglu
    Deputy Director, REACH Global Services S.A, Turkey
  5. Q&A

  6. Refreshments

  7. Australia

    Nhat Nguyen Nhat Nguyen
    Chief Analyst, Enhesa Product Intelligence, USA
  8. Regulatory developments from Africa

    Deirdre Penfold Deirdre Penfold
    Executive Director, Chemical and Allied Industries Association, South Africa
  9. Q&A

  10. Close of conference

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