What industry needs to know about the rapidly evolving regulatory and legal landscape, and how due diligence and insurance can mitigate risks

This 1-hour webinar will cover US regulatory/state developments related to PFAS, the importance of insurance as a possible tool for offsetting PFAS-related liabilities, and the unorthodox climate surrounding federal legislation regarding PFAS. More specifically, the panel will address the following issues: 

  • Important legal and regulatory developments pertinent to PFAS, including recent EPA rulemaking activities 
  • The interrelationship between proposed federal regulations and the potential for considerable upticks in PFAS-related liability exposure under CERCLA and other statutes for differently situated companies 
  • The proliferation of state consumer protection laws and what they mean for public and private companies 
  • What to expect in the way of future regulations, litigation, and regulatory enforcement activities 
  • The climate and state of technical awareness on Capitol Hill regarding PFAS 
  • The value of being proactive in terms of identifying potential nexuses to PFAS 
  • Risk-shifting for PFAS liabilities, including historical insurance policies with environmental coverage and current policies covering direct exposure claims 


Reza Zarghamee, Partner, Pillsbury Law 

Aimee P. Ghosh, Partner, Pillsbury Law 

Tamara D. Bruno, Partner, Houston, Pillsbury Law

Watch the session here:


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