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  1. Chemical Watch Demo

    Tassia Agatowski Tassia Agatowski
    Marketing Manager, Chemical Watch
  2. Welcome and introduction


    Emma Chynoweth Emma Chynoweth
    Founder, Ocki Sustainability
  3. International Developments Part One
  4. Chemicals regulations affecting electronics in China, Japan and South Korea

    Fanyu Zhang Fanyu Zhang
    Environment, Health & Safety Fellow, IPC International
  5. Developments in Eurasia and Middle East

    Miljan Minic Miljan Minic
    Regulatory and Compliance Analyst, Chemical Watch
  6. Developments in Latin America and other regions

    Cristina Garcia Cristina Garcia
    Knoell Iberia S.L.
  7. Q&A

  8. Standards as solutions for chemical content management Part One
  9. IEC TC 111: Standardising environmental aspects of electronics products

    Christophe Garnier Christophe Garnier
    Global Environmental Standards Manager, Schneider Electric, France
  10. Q&A

  11. Virtual workshop presented by ToxServices

    California Prop. 65 Evaluation Through Targeted Chemical and Toxicological Analyses: Supercharge Your Compliance! 


    Dr Jackson Woo Ph.D., CBiol., E.R.T., PMP Dr Jackson Woo Ph.D., CBiol., E.R.T., PMP
    Electrical & Electronic Technology and Innovation Consumer and Retail, SGS Hong Kong Limited
  12. Break


  13. Virtual workshop presented by IPC

    Tracking the dynamic chemical policy landscape affecting electronics: the IPC perspective

    • EHS policy issues of importance to electronics manufacturers
    • Chemicals are everywhere … we look forward to engaging with the audience to learn about critical uses of PFAS, flame retardants, and more!
    Kelly Scanlon Kelly Scanlon
    Director, Environmental Policy and Research, IPC, USA
    Alison James Alison James
    Senior Director for Government Relations in Europe, IPC
  14. Standards as solutions for chemical content management
  15. IPC Data Exchange Standards, Europe Calling

    Raj Takhar Raj Takhar
    Senior Subject Matter Expert - Materials Management and Chemical Reporting (Europe), Assent
  16. Article analysis of electronic components

    Randy Flinders Randy Flinders
    Compliance Specialist, GreenSoft Technology, United States
  17. Q&A

  18. International Developments Part Two
  19. Proposition 65 and electronics

    Michael Kirschner Michael Kirschner
    President, Design Chain Associates, LLC, United States
  20. Q&A

  21. Close of virtual conference

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