Emma Chynoweth

Founder, Ocki Sustainability

Steven Andrews

Regulatory & Sustainability Expert - Product Sustainability, Assent

Therese Lilliebladh

Product Requirement Manager, Chemicals, IKEA of Sweden, IKEA Range & Supply

Aidan Turnbull

Director, BOMcheck, UK

Ruxandra Cana

Partner, Steptoe LLP

Kelly Scanlon

Director, Environmental Policy and Research, IPC, USA

Raphaëlle Hennekinne

Senior Environmental Policy Manager, DIGITALEUROPE

Raj Takhar

Senior Subject Matter Expert - Materials Management and Chemical Reporting (Europe), Assent

Binayak Kanungo

Sales Engineer, Assent Compliance

Omar Kahiel

Product Marketing Manager, Assent Compliance

Michael Kirschner

President, Design Chain Associates, LLC, United States

Fanyu Zhang

Environment, Health & Safety Fellow, IPC International

Miljan Minic

Regulatory and Compliance Analyst, Chemical Watch

Cristina Garcia

Project Manager, Knoell Iberia S.L.

Christophe Garnier

Global Environmental Standards Manager, Schneider Electric, France

Randy Flinders

Compliance Specialist, GreenSoft Technology, United States

Dr Jackson Woo Ph.D., CBiol., E.R.T., PMP

Electrical & Electronic Technology and Innovation Consumer and Retail, SGS Hong Kong Limited

Jennifer Ator Ph.D., M.H.S., D.A.B.T.

ToxServices LLC

Alison James

Senior Director for Government Relations in Europe, IPC

Tassia Agatowski

Marketing Manager, Chemical Watch